Saturday, November 14, 2009

"have been 17 cases of adverse reactions across the territory " NW territores, Canada

The most common (adverse reactions) were hives or feeling like their throat was being constricted," said Kandola.

Some other non-allergic reactions reported were feelings of numbness at the injection site.

Kandola said some people developed these reactions during the 15-minute waiting period after the shot, while others had already gone home and then started to feel the reaction, after which they contacted a health care worker or went to a hospital.

"Feel free to call the flu line and we can tell you if it's a side-effect, or if it's an adverse reaction," said Kandola.

Some common side-effects not classified as adverse reactions, according to Kandola, are headaches, fatigue, and some kids experience diarrhoea.

"Flu-like symptoms are not the true flu but a reaction to the vaccine," said Kandola, adding the vaccine is not live but its presence causes the body to develop defences against the virus.

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