Saturday, November 21, 2009

3 year old has high fever from swine flu mist

h1n1 spray vaccine reaction?
posted 6th Nov
My 3 yr old had the spray vaccine on monday and has been getting progressively sicker since yesterday. her fever is now at 102. the doctors office keeps hanging up on us, apparently they havent figured out how to put people on hold yet.... anyone else? shehas been just laying in the floor saying to leave her alone for the past 3 hours.what are we supposed to do, wait or take her in> thanks, im a little panicked.

thanks ladies, the office is closed so we may be going to the hospital. her fever is climbing pretty quickly, it was only 99.6 around 4 and now its alreay over 102. those bastards still keep hanging up on us, i hate our peids.

Hope everything is alright. I just saw she hasn't logged on since that. I hope lo didn't get worse or anything....

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