Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Children Guide to severe vaccine reaction

Michelle Turner runs a company in Peoria treating children for a wide range of developmental problems.

She said when it comes to severe swine flu vaccine reactions here are the top five warning signs.

1. Non-responsive - A healthy child starts to look if you say 'Where's Daddy? Where's the ball?" Suddenly you find yourself repeating it or saying it louder. Needing to touch or prompt your child to get their attention.

2. Staring - Babies and toddlers work the room. You don't loose a child into a good TV show until they're a few years older. If they seem like they're zoning out or losing track of what they are doing or obsessing over one item for a length of time.

3. Sensory & Touch - Babies and toddlers like to explore there environment. If they once enjoyed food & getting messy now the suddenly have fear of smells, messes, touch and/or sounds.

4. Fear - Does your child suddenly have fears? Does the child suddenly cling to a parent or have separation anxiety? Lost a sense of calm or peace that they previously had?

5. Slouching - babies and toddlers with a healthy nervous system don't slouch. Your child might suddenly seem heavy to pick up or carry around. They're not 'laid back' or easy going. Young children should be curious about the world around them.

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