Saturday, November 21, 2009

Swine flu jab link to allergic reactions

Swine flu jab link to 24 allergic reactions
SEVERE: Call for calm as patients suffer seizures and palsy
By Clodagh Sheehy
Saturday November 21 2009
TWENTY-four reports of allergic reaction -- three of them severe -- and four reports of seizure have been made in connection with the swine flu vaccine.

The reports, which also included one of facial palsy, have been made to the Irish Medicines Board (IMB).

It has also emerged that the death of a patient 10 days after a swine flu vaccination is being investigated -- but the IMB has found no connection between the death and the vaccine.

The board says the patient had "a number of complex underlying conditions", and "there is no evidence however of any relationship between administration of the vaccine and the patient's death".

Short-term muscle tone effects in four children have also been reported.

Three patients suffered a suspected anaphylactic reaction -- one child to a Pandemrix vaccination and the other two were adults after Celvapan injections.

Altogether, the board has received 213 reports of suspected adverse reactions to both forms of swine flu vaccine.

It says, however, that "reports received to date remain consistent with the expected pattern of adverse effects from the pandemic vaccines. The balance of risks and benefits remains positive".

In the case of the Pandemrix vaccination, there were 104 reports of suspected adverse reaction including two seizures -- one in a patient receiving treatment for epilepsy and the other in a child with a history of convulsions. Eleven pregnant women reported reactions "including gastrointestinal symptoms, flu-like symptoms (eg, fever) and vaccination-related events such as syncope and dizziness.

Twenty-nine adverse reaction reports for Pandemrix related to children, including one of anaphylactic shock.


According to the IMB, "there has been one report of facial palsy which occurred two days post-vaccination and follow up of this case is ongoing".

In the case of Celvapan there have been two reports of seizures, one in a patient being treated for epilepsy and the other in a patient who recovered fully without treatment.

Nine reports were associated with use in pregnant women and 39 were associated with the use of Celvapan in children.

Fifteen reports of suspected allergic reaction to Celvapan required treatment .


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