Saturday, November 14, 2009

"We had one anaphylactic event..." New Brunswick

New Brunswick is reporting few adverse reactions to the H1N1 vaccine.

More than 145,000 doses have been administered to patients across the province and so far things seem to be going smoothly, said Dr. Eilish Cleary, chief medical officer of health.

"Because it was an adjuvanted vaccine, we thought we might see a lot in the way of side effects, such as sore arms, fevers - more than we would normally see," she said. "In fact, we are getting some reports of those, but not any more than we would see with a typical flu vaccine."

Adjuvant, which is a component added to one version of the vaccine, helps boost the body's immune response.

It's commonly used in the production of vaccines that protect against many illnesses and conditions.

Information collected by the Department of Health suggests that about 24 adverse events have occurred in New Brunswick so far in association with the vaccine.

"The vast majority of them were all still local side effects, such as redness, or an area of swelling, or a higher fever, a sore arm or just feeling unwell for a day or two," said Cleary.

"We would classify them all as minor, apart from one. We had one anaphylactic event, which means someone had an allergic reaction to it. It's uncommon, but it can happen. It's a known event with a vaccine and it was treated appropriately on the spot and the person recovered."

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