Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another personal post ----

I'm really worried about all the people coming to this blog that are searching for information on "H1N1 vaccine reactions" and/or different searches for similar things... I have this cool little program on my blog that tells me what your search words are before you come to my site or how you got to this blog. There are a TON OF PEOPLE searching for specific information "muscle twitching flu shot" or "face numbness after swine flu shot" etc.....

REPORT THESE REACTIONS PEOPLE!!!!! Report them here, report them to your doctor, report them on, report them on the government vaccine tracking site ( ) and report it to your friends and family!!!

All of these reactions may emerge a pattern or an idea of who or who shouldn't take this vaccine. One day, the government may want to know if you had a reaction ($$$), hopeful thinking. But if you don't report it, there will be no proof of it happening to you!!!

I've added a little blurb on the right hand side of the importance of reporting these reactions... many people have sought reassurance and a feeling of "ok, someone else is feeling this way too..."


Here is a list of search phrases used by others to get to this site:
h1n1 vaccine headache
h1 vaccine+numbness
swine flu vaccine+fatigue+muscle numb
h1n1 vaccine numbness
h1n1 vaccine side effects +tingling hands and feet
adverse reaction to receiving a double dose of a flu vaccine
facial edema reactions of the h1n1 vccine
H1N! vaccine reactions swelling
h1n1 mist twitching
is workers compensation available after i have n1h1 vaccine at work?
muscle twitching h1n1 vaccine
miscarriage vaccine n1h1
h1n1 flu vaccine numb arm
twitching h1n1 vaccine
numbness in arm after swine flu shot
flu shot side effects numbness
swine flu shot head aches
H1N1 vaccine numbness in legs
latex reaction numbness
arm numbness and weakness after flu shot
kidney failure flu
arm feel numb after h1n1 shot
symptoms of h1n1 vaccine injury tingling
hand tingling after h1n1 vaccine
h1n1 vaccine seizures
H1n1 vaccine reactions numbness Tingling
muscle spasms in legs week 12 days after h1n1 vaccine
eleven months old received H1N1 shot side effects fever
guillain-barre syndrome legal recourse

This is just a small example of users' keywords in google/yahoo/ in order to get to this blog...... REPORT THESE REACTIONS!!

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