Saturday, November 14, 2009

So have the vaccines been trialled on pregnant women? NO!!

So have the vaccines been trialled on pregnant women?

No. This has been seized upon by some to question their safety, and has spurred controversy. However, no vaccines are routinely tested on pregnant women. Vaccines are given to pregnant women when it is clinically necessary — such as polio, tetanus and seasonal flu vaccines. The safety of giving a particular vaccine is instead assessed from what is already known about its ingredients and the results of toxicity studies. Some non-pregnant women enrolled in trials do fall pregnant shortly after — these cases are followed up, with all information added to the assessment of possible risks. Any medication given to pregnant women is subject to extremely careful consideration on both clinical and ethical levels. The decision is made on a balance of benefit and risk. The Department of Health states that it has "no reason to believe there is a risk of harm from giving the swine flu vaccines in pregnancy".

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