Thursday, November 19, 2009

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Following her swine flu shot, my wife became terribly constipated; it was similar to what taking 4000 mg of hydrocodone apap per day (for fibromylagia) did to her, but she hasn't had the hydrocodone apap in almost four months. Is this side effect for H1N1 unusual?

well i had mine on monday here in sweden and as a high risk person strokes and blood cloots in my lungs ect. i am left with a pain still in my arm where they put the needel and a pains in my right legs. i was told it was best i have but now i am not so shure!!
I took h1n1 vaccine manufactured by sanofi pasteur within 3 days i got nausea, body aches, and headache.

I got swine flu H1N1 infuenza vaccine on 10/25/09 by 10/28/09 I got malaise, pain, nausea and headache.

I already had a bit of a cold when I had received the swine flu shot yesterday. Today I am feeling severely nauseated and also have hot and cold chills and pain at the injection site. Along with those symptoms, I'm also feeling "out-of-it". Hopefully this does not last long. And to add, I am a 23 year old female. I have a two year old daughter who will be getting the vaccination next week, right now she has a bit of a fever from a seasonal cold/flu so the health care workers would not allow her to have the shot until her fever was gone.

My 12 year old son got the shot yesterday and this morning is severly nauseous and temporarily lost his vision! Very scary. He also feels very ill.

I recieved the H1N1 vaccine and I havent felt good since the vaccine! Within two hours of the shot I got hives and a nasty rash. It has been almost two weeks since I recieved the vaccine and I find my head out of sorts, headache, fever, chills, nausea, and diarrhea. I am unsure if I would get this vaccine again. I work in a hospital and it is hard to function. We have a few people out of work sick after recieving the vaccine. It really stinks that some people end up with these nasty side effects and let me tell you, they suck! I just pray everyday that I feel better. I have other medical problems as well, that bring me down and this is just the icing on the cake! If I was you I would really rethink the options!

I had mine today and I've had a sore arm, malaise, a very mild headache and now I'm getting chills. I had a sore arm and chills/fever last year from the normal flu shot though so this doesn't seem like an odd reaction from me. I'll be fine after a good nights sleep. As for everyone else around here who's got the shot so far, it seems like everyone gets a sore arm, but that's usually it.
I am a 12 year old boy and I had gotten my shot on the 26th and since the 29th, I have been feeling nauseated and It has been like this since friday. I slept 1 whole day since it happened. My throat started to hurt a lot, when I awoke I had a terrible fever, my body was aching and I had a high fever. It's been one day and I still feel terrible, I could barely move my body and medicine hasn't been helping me. When I started to eat again, my body wasn't so tired and I could walk again for a short time about 10-20 minutes and I would get very tired

**Research over and over!! I have been torn about my 5 yr old daughter with asthma getting this vaccine. I asked for God to give me a sign on whether or not to get my child the vaccine and the next day our sales rep came into my work and said his 11 year old nephew had the h1n1 vaccine and a week later started complaining he had a headache few hours later he went into a terrible seizure now this poor child has been in the hospital ever since and had severe seizures one after the other. After testing and x-rays they can't seem to find out why this is happening??? Things that make you go hummm? Now you tell me this child has never had any health problems or seizures
What is in the vaccine that could make you have neurological problems maybe the preservative thermisol(mercury) and I wonder what else.
Overall I have had several signs after reading these post and will only get the flu shot if it is preservative free which I can not find for my daughters age group her pediatric doctor has it for 3 years and under and Walgreens only has it for adults so what do you do I will continue to pray for this 11year old boy and hope this Swine flu will leave as fast as it came. Good luck to everyone one.
Received the h1n1 shot on Thursday Oct. 29th, two days later I am coughing, throat feels scratchy,very lethargic, and chilling at night, symptoms seem worse at night also, I don't know if this is side effect from vaccine or I had been exposed to some virus previously? My children got the nasal mist same day, I also had tonsillectomy 2 weeks previously,and I'm sure my immune system was low,anyone else feeling this way after receiving vaccine?
I had the vaccine last monday as I am frontline health worker. I had mild symptoms, hives, headache etc. But a week down the line I feel incredibly depressed and suicidal. Has anyone else had this?
I'm a 32 year old woman I had the vaccine last wed. along with my 14 month old, my 4 yr old and my husband. The baby came through like a trooper with just a mild fever for aboout 36 hrs normal for any vaccine. My husband and I both suffered the soreness in our arms for about 2 days. Our 4 on the other hand came down with a fever on Fri night that spiked to 103.5 and that spurred a trip to emerge for reassurance that this was only a side effect of the vaccine. The fever lasted until Sunday. Every kid is different in how they react but it's better to have the shot and be aware of what the effects could be than take a chance on the actual virus where you don't know what the outcome may be.
My 12 yr old son got the Swinemist and next day woke up with dizziness and following day has fever and very lightheaded. Is this a reaction to the vaccine? I wish I had done more research before he got it.

I got the shot today and i feel completely STONED. i'm 16, and everything's spinning, i feel so lightheaded and out of it right now. i cant focus on my school work, and getting really emotional. i have a fever, and my arm HURTS BAD!! i don't suggest getting this shot it doesn't seem worth it to me id rather be sick then this its been going on ALL day. i didn't even feel safe to drive today
not sure which manufacturer's vaccine I got, but have suffered insomnia since getting it 5 days ago

I had the H1N1 vaccine and the regular flu vaccine today. One in each arm. I felt dizzy and light headed right after and then my hands went a little numb and then extremely numb and then they went into spasm and crippled up. I had no pain. It felt as though they were vibrating. It was really weird and then it slowly left and I had full use of my fingers again. Doctor said I had some kind of reaction and not to worry. I'm a little worried and now not sure if I should give this to my kids.
Got shot yesterday. Arm stiffened almost immediately. Later that evening I was foggy and slightly confused and had a bout of diarhea. Today I am extremely tired, my arm is so stiff and sore I can barely lift it (although anti inflams help), my whole body aches, I have a headache and I'm slightly feverish. This is the first flu shot I've ever had, and I do feel like crap, but it's manageable. Work was difficult though, had to leave early. These side effects are not in my head, btw.
i got the shot a week ago nothing happened until 4 hours later i was dizzy and nauseous i was like that on and off for the next 2 days . now for the last 3 days i have been gettin chills like crazy!! but i had nothing major at all. i think its better than dealing with the actual swine flu. im 17 years old, female in texas.
my 5 year old was vaccinated on the 29 of October. And since then shes been sick. at first it was only like a caugh and a stuffy nouse, now she had fever last night of 100, very congested chest and stuffy nouse.
i got the shot,and so far,i have:headache,malaise,muscle pains,nausea,and vomiting. party time..woot wooooooooooot!!!!
(total sarcasm there)
got the vaccine and i experienced headaches Malaise fever and mussel pains so i got the vaccine to protect myself, but i probably wouldn't have ended up with swine flu anyways, last time i get a vaccine
My sister is 24 years old and diabetic so she is in the high risk group and got the H1N1 vaccine as well as the seasonal flu vaccine, 6 days after recieving the vaccines she started getting stomache pains and diarrhea, which turned into bloody diarrhea and then completely bloody. We are not 100% sure yet, but she has seen two gastrontogists and it seems like she had developed Crohns Disease, an auto immune disorder. I don't believe that this is a coincidence.
I believe I had side effects from the swine vac but would rather have the side effects than to have the swine flu in general. I have had asthma since a child. Asthmatic have a 50% survival rate if not less in surviving the swine flu. The symptoms I had were body aches, fatigue, low grade fever and intestinal gas/pain and headaches. A few days of extra strength tylenol and a few cups of white tea did the trick. If you are vomiting or having diarrhea, drink chamomile tea and white tea as chamomile helps heal vomiting and diarrhea and white tea acts as a anti-viral. Take the tylenol to help with the fever and body aches until the tea ---------------------------------------------------------------------
I was at the doctors office yesterday for an unrelated issue, and found out that they had just got a shipment in of the shot (san diego area).. I opted for it as my 8 year old was sick from a flu about 2 weeks before.. The DOCTOR AND NURSE assured me that there was NO side affects to this shot, only they said if you were somehow allergic to eggs or something...(which i know I am not).. so I bit the bullet and took the shot.. (do not know which version it was).. this morning I felt like I got hit by a bus, my vision was severely hampered at times (very blurry), and it my lower back, legs and abdomen feel like I ran a damn marathon or something they are very very sore.... I vomited a couple of times, my nose has started running, (no fever yet) but I have had headaches on and off all day.. I have NEVER had a flu shot before this and I am 38 years old.. and I can't even remember having the flu in the past.. I am really wondering if I made the right decision here..
i had the swine flu for 3 weeks and when I was finally well enough to get the two vaccines today I went. I have cronic liver diesese so it was important to get . The thin is I have been so sick since I had it done. I had a serious sore arm that iched like crazy and then I got severe cramp the turned into violent projectile vomiting. i called the health # but they have yet to call me back. Even at this minute I am fighting vomiting but It would only be dry heaves and they scare me epsecially because Ilive alone. I someone has any ideas help me please cause i am scared!!!!

Im 3 months pregnant and i got the swine flu shot two days ago. The side effects i have had so far are: severe headache, nausea (not from pregnancy), bruising, swelling and pain at the injection area. One thing they dont mention is that once you are injected the fluid burns enough to make you cringe. Other than that, i dont ------------------------------------------------
This is Satuday, I had my shot Thursday mid day. I had the regular flu shot over a month ago. Yesterday afternoon I started getting really really tired. And also yesterday my arm started to act up but I assumed it was the pinched nerve in my neck yet again. But today, wow, I am so depleted of any energy. But...saying that to say this. Last year myself, my daughter, and her four young children were down with the flu for 10 days all at the same time. Yep, I'll take the shot and an extra nap thank you....
am a nurse and i got the vaccine yesterday and now am typing with one arm cuz my left arm is killing me!!!!!

I got the h1n1 flu shot on thursday, and sunday morning I woke up to tingling numb fingers. I am freeked out has anyone else heard of this or had this happen to them. If so how long did it last?


  1. My fiancee and I got our H1N1 shots 2 weeks ago becuase we have a 4 month old baby. My fiancee's arm was sore around the injection site for a few days but other than that we were both compleatly fine!!! I suggest people get the shot!!!

  2. I'm glad you are both ok.

    Please be sure to do some research about the baby vaccines.