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H1N1 Vaccine is made "just like the seasonal flu shot" - Right????????

Of course they make this process almost impossible, but the information is there for ANYONE who would like to verify these cases.

Remember, the first number is the patients identity number that matches up on all pages of data.

This is data from the 2009 files - (Jan 2009 - Oct 2009)

In a QUICK SEARCH, I've found 10 DEATHS from the "seasonal flu shot".......

360706,10/13/2009,VA,76.0,76,,F,10/13/2009,"Pt. expired on 10/3/09. Attending MD did not believe immunization was cause of death but reported because of dose temporal proximity.(Pt. expired approx. 24 hrs after receiving the flu vaccine). 10/16/09 Death Certificate: Cardiorespiratory arrest, Diabetes mellitus type 2, Hypertension.",Y,10/03/2009,,,,,,,N,10/02/2009,10/03/2009,1,,OTH,PVT,Metformin; Aricept; Coreg; HCTZ; Lexapro; Lisinopril; Synthroid; Namend; Insulin; Simvastatin,Diabetes; HTN; Dementia; hypothyroidism,NKDA,,

360751,10/14/2009,MI,1.0,1,.0,M,10/08/2009,Patient was seen on 10/1/09. Death reported on 10/4/09. Pt has seizure disorder along with encephalocele. / DANDY WALKER Syndrome. Had received vaccines on 10/1/09.,Y,,,,,,,,N,10/01/2009,10/04/2009,3,,PVT,UNK,,none,Seizure disorder; DANDY WALKER syndrome,,

360781,10/14/2009,WI,36.0,36,,F,10/08/2009,I was pregnant when I received the flu vaccine. Sixteen days after getting the vaccine my son was stillborn at 36 weeks gestation. There was no reason found to explain his death.,,,,,,,,,U,10/30/2008,11/15/2008,16,Infant had genetic testing which was negative.,PVT,PVT,multivatiman; sertraline; folic acid; polyethyeline glycol,None,Bacitracin allergy,,

361215,10/16/2009,NY,82.0,83,,M,10/16/2009,"Temp 103.2 at 0240 AM, rapid respirations began approx 12 hours later. 10/19/09 Death Certificate DOD 10/5/09 - Complications / effects of Influenza Vaccine. 10/19/09 Nursing Home medical records received service dates 10/1/09 to 10/5/09. Patient develops elevated temperature. Tylenol given, blankets removed and cool cloths applied. Oxygen via face mask. Respiration rate increased, mouth breathing. Appetite poor, not eating. Lethargic. Coughing. Unable to swallow. Unresponsive to voice or painful stimuli. Unable to obtain BP or radial pulse. Labored respirations. Stopped breathing. Death. Concurrent Illness: Toe has red flat area.",Y,10/05/2009,,,,,,,N,10/01/2009,10/02/2009,1,Chest x-ray negative for active disease. 10/19/09 Nursing Home medical records received service dates 10/1/09 to 10/5/09. LABS and DIAGNOSTICS: Chest X-ray - cardiomegaly.,UNK,UNK,"Coumadin, Fosamax, Vit. D, Zocor, Amiodarone HCL, Finasteride F/C, Prednisone, Multivitamin, Vit. C, Xalatan eye drops, Calcium Antacid, Demeclomycin, Brimonidine Tartrate eye drops",no,"other disorders of neurohypophysis 253.6, history of TIA/CVA, Polymyalgia Rheumatica",,

361282,10/16/2009,CA,89.0,89,,F,10/16/2009,Unknown. 11/6/09 Autopsy report received. DOD 10/12/09. Anatomic Diagnosis: 1. Coronary artery disease. 2. Cardiac rupture with cardiac tamponade. 3. Pleural effusion. 4. Status post cholecystectomy and appendectomy. 11/12/09 Coroner - Final Cause of Death: Severe coronary atherosclerosis.,Y,10/12/2009,,,,,,,N,10/09/2009,10/12/2009,3,,UNK,UNK,"Reglan, Calcium",None,"NKDA, Medical conditions are Benign Hypertension, Osteoporosis, Sleep Disorder",,

361353,10/16/2009,CA,9.0,9,,F,10/16/2009,"None Stated. On 10/19/09, the PCP stated that coroner called him and told him that he found consolidation of the lungs on autopsy. Autopsy report is not complete yet. 10/20/09 ER records received service date 10/14/09. Assessment: Cardiac arrest. CPR initiated. Pupils fixed and dilated. Apnea, pale. Rigor, lividity. 1022/09 PCP /Nursing medical records received, service dates 11/11/03 to 10/14/09. Assessment: Death. Office staff unable to contact patient's family, eventually visited patient's home. learnd that patient was found dead at home and taken to ER.",Y,10/14/2009,,,,,,,N,10/08/2009,10/14/2009,6,"CBC: 2.5, 7.5, 21.3, 207; Sed rate 125. 10/20/09 ER records received service date 10/14/09. LABS and Diagnostics: EEG - Asystole. CHEM - Glucose 107 mg/dL (H) Calcium 3.5 mg/dL (L) Albumin 3.4 g/dL (L) Alk Phos 170 U/L (L). CBC - WBC 2.5",PVT,UNK,None,Limping,"H/O Leukemia 2002; Down's Syndrome. 1022/09 PCP /Nursing medical records received, service dates 11/11/03 to 10/14/09. Down Syndrome. Cough, fever. Frequent colds. Discharge from eyes. Vomiting and diarrhea. Lymphadenopathy. Foot pain. CBC abnormal.",,

361579,10/19/2009,WA,73.0,73,,M,10/19/2009,"patient found dead in the morning by his son. presumed cardiac cause of death, although flu vaccine given 10/12/09 seems unlikely as a cause, it can not be excluded. Autopsy is not planned.",Y,10/15/2009,,,,,,,N,10/12/2009,10/15/2009,3,,PVT,PVT,,no illness reported,"chronic kidney failure, heart failure, ischemic cardiomyopathy, gastroesophageal reflux, h/o TIA.",,

361585,10/19/2009,AL,55.0,55,,M,10/19/2009,"Pt reported to be at hospital on vent since Oct 2 2009 with Guillain-Barre syndrome. 10/21/09 Hospital records DC summary received service dates 10/2/09 to 10/20/09. Assessment: Death due to sepsis, respiratory failure, disseminated intravasular coagulopathy, acute renal failure, cirrhosis. Patient presented with hx of lower extremity weakness progressing to all four extremities. Was admitted to another facility where he became short of breath and hypoxic, intubated and developed ARDS. Neurological exam - areflexia severe axonal senserimotor polyneuropathy.Tranferred to MSU service for plasma exchange. Multiple infections including ventilator aquired pneumonia. DIC. Bloody stools. Metabolic acidosis, DNR, death.",Y,10/20/2009,Y,,Y,18,,,U,09/11/2009,,,LABS and DIAGNOSTICS: POINT OF CARE - Na 152 mMol/L (H) K 3.1 mMol/L (L) Glu 242 mg/dL (H) Ca 102 mMol/L (L) HGB 8.8 g/dL (L) HCT 26% (L). AST 115 U/L (H) ALT 286 U/L (H) Creatinine Kinase U/L 1536 (H) CK MB ng/mL 14.5 (H). Urinalysis - Bac,PUB,UNK,,,"PMH: alcohol abuse, coronary artery disease, peripheral vasular disease, cirrhosis, stroke.",,

361716,10/20/2009,LA,74.0,74,,M,10/08/2009,"Pt had no obvious reaction to the vaccine. 10/23/09 Death certificate received. DOD 9/20/09. Cardiogenic shock, Hypoxic encephalopathy. Ventricular fibrillation. 11/17/09: Discharge Summary and Medical Records received for date of service 9/20/09: Final Dx: Out of hospital cardiac arrest, ventricular fibrillation, cardiogenic shock, severe hypoxic encephalopathy, respiratory failure. Assessment: Experienced sudden onset severe chest pain at home. Ambulance arrived and found pt. in ventricular fibrillation. Received 2 shocks en route to hospital and upon arrival was intubated with additional CPR and defibrillations. Major vasopressors were administered for support of blood pressure. CPK was 3000. Admitted to ICU and maintained on maximal support for 12 hours including ventilation, temporary pacemaker and major vasorpressors at high doses. No urinary output. Pupils fixed and unresponsive. Pt. eventually experienced cardiac arrest and died after DNR was signed.",Y,09/20/2009,,,Y,1,,,N,09/16/2009,09/20/2009,4,"11/17/09: Discharge Summary and Medical Records received for date of service 9/20/09: Labs and diagnostics: EKG-ventricular fibrillation. CPK 3000 (H). WBC 21,000 (H), Hct 54 (H), glucose 250 (H), BUN 21 (H), Sodium 149 (H). BNP 395 (H)",PVT,UNK,,No acute illness,"See attached. 11/17/09: Discharge Summary and Medical Records received for date of service 9/20/09: PMH: CAD with CABG surgery. Hyperlipidemia, PAD s/p carotid endarterectomy.",,

336403,01/05/2009,VA,60.0,60,,M,12/23/2008,"Chest tightness, shortness of breath, and rapid demise to death within 4 hours of receiving vaccine. 1/7/09-records received for ED DOS 9/29/08-presented to ED with C/O chest pain, while enroute to ED became diaphoretic, SOB required cardioconversion, intubation. V fib. DX and COD-Pulmonary embolus. Expired 9/29/08. 2/9/09-COD-pulmonary embolism.",Y,09/29/2008,,Y,,,,,N,09/29/2008,09/29/2008,0,1/7/09-records received-Chest x-ray infiltrate at left lung base and possible infiltrate right upper lobe.,PVT,PVT,LEVAQUIN; LOPRESSOR; NEURONTIN; ELAVIL,No acute illness,"Pernicious anemia; CAD; MI; Lumbar disc disease; Peripheral neuropathy; Hypothyroidism; Cardiomyopathy; GERD; Cervical disc disease; Nonunion R hip fx-repaired; AODM; BPH; MOTRIN; MYCARDIS; PREVACID; FLOMAX; trimethoprim 1/7/09-records received-PMH: CHF, pancreatitis, UTI, Diabetic, coronary stents. Stroke.",,

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