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Adverse Reaction to Seasonal Flu Vaccine - numbness, weakness

Adverse Reaction to Seasonal Flu Vaccine
by NZer292, Sep 02, 2009 07:04PM
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Hi, I recently had the standard, seasonalSeasonal affective disorder
Nasal spray flu vaccine just over a month ago. Whilst the injection was being administered there was a strong stinging sensation followed by an intense pain in my deltoid muscle, whilst picking my heavy bag up off the floor (same arm). I was told to wait 20 minutes out in the main waiting room.

That eveningEvening primrose
Evening primrose oil I experienced severe chillsChills and aches for the following 48 hours. The aching in my upper arm remained, followed approximately three weeks ago by severe pain radiating from the fluAmniocentesis
Atrial fibrillation/flutter
Hiatal hernia repair shot down to my right forearm, outer elbow and hand. There has also been some minor numbness and pins and needle type sensations, especially noticed first thing in the morning. The pain becomes more intense during the day. I have been to the emergency department twice (by my GP's referral). I have been seen by a hand/arm plastic surgeon and two Neurologists, both came up with differing results. The hand surgeon said it was definitely nerve related whilst the Neurologists said it was both muscle and musculoskeletal related and more than likely a result of the flu vaccine and then picking up my bag. A sort of chain of events/ domino effect causing further pain. I was prescribed some non steroidal anti-inflammatory tablets for a week, after earlier being prescribed codeine, which did nothing to alleviate the pain, it only made me feel drowsy with severe nausea. The non steroidal anti-inflammatory tablets did help take the edge off of the pain, although I was still aware of the discomfort. I have since waited out the remainder of this week to see how things would go, however slowly but surely the intensity of the pain is returning.

What is wrong with my arm and will this pain be permanent?
This morning a lymph node under my right arm is slightly raised and painful.

I was not offered a scan even though I asked on three separate occasions.

Thank-you for your time,

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