Friday, November 20, 2009

Kids Receive Wrong H1N1 Vaccine Dose

Zhao said she called the CDC and her suspicions were confirmed. Her children had only received half the dose they were supposed to. Zhao said she called Livonia Urgent Care again and asked the director to look into the directions for administering the vaccine.

"The director called and said 'well it looks like we did misread about it,'" said Zhao.

Local 4 contacted Livonia Urgent Care. Director Dr. Mohammed Arsiwala released this statement:

"We pride ourself on quality clinical care. We have been practicing in the community for ten years. This is a new vaccine, and this is the first time we are administering it on behalf of the Michigan Department of Community Health. We entered all of the data into the MCIR database, the registry for immunization. This problem stemmed from having a misunderstanding of the amount of the nasal live vaccine to be administered. Approximately 40 children will be contacted to be re-vaccinated as soon as the vaccine is available, at no charge."

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