Friday, November 20, 2009

Army got flumist - soldier developed asthma overnight

QUESTION: My nephew is in basic training for the Army and he has called home to say that they gave him the H1N1 flu spray. He told us everyone got sick with the flu and they are now telling him he is being sent home due to having asthma. He has never had asthma before. Why can they not test him again to see that this could just be because they gave him the h1n1 spray and he has developed the flu. We are not understanding how he could have past all the physicals and has been participating in all the PE programs and just now they are telling the boy he has asthma. Can you please tell us what to have him do. Should he request to be seen by another doctor in the military. Thank you

ANSWER: This does not add up. The army is too hard up to drum him out the army on a medical discharge due to this. There must be more to the story. Thousands in the army have asthma. I would say there is something else here. Read his medical paperwork closer, as I suspect there is additional information to this situation. On face value, of course this would need another exam. If they did this to everyone like your nephew, then everyone would be claiming asthma to get out the army. Please read the fine print and get a copy of his paperwork for the family doctor to review.

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