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site reader reports twitching 7 days later

fay has left a new comment on your post "15 month old reacts to H1N1 vaccine - twitching.":

Hi . my wife is having this twitching too. I am not sure what is going on. she got the vaccine 7 days ago. and it is exactly the same twitching. have you found out what is the problem.

Posted by fay to H1N1 Vaccine Reactions at November 25, 2009 3:09 PM

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H1N1 vaccine: The official list of side effects - Germany

11 reported cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome

Boy paralyzed after flu shot
Tue, Nov 24, 2009
By Lee Ji-yoon

The case of a 16-year-old boy who showed signs of paralysis after receiving the H1N1 flu vaccine has prompted an investigation, health officials said yesterday.

According to the National Disaster Prevention and Countermeasures Headquarters, the teenage boy started displaying dizziness right after the injection on Nov. 16 and was moved to a hospital two days later as his arms and legs became paralyzed.

Health officials said that further tests should be conducted to confirm the exact cause of his paralysis, adding that his condition has improved.

The symptom, called the Guillain-Barre syndrome, is usually triggered by acute infection. But it is also known as a very rare side-effect of regular influenza vaccines, with an incidence of about one in 1 million.

According to the World Health Organization, only 10 GBS cases have been reported worldwide among nearly 65 million people in 40 countries confirmed to have been inoculated with the flu vaccine.

The majority of patients regain full functional capacity with prompt treatment. However, experts say, death may occur if severe pulmonary complications and autonomic nervous system problems are present.

As of Saturday, some 2.75 million people, including 2.46 million students, have been vaccinated here against the flu virus, health officials said. The nation's second round of vaccinations are expected to inoculate about 7.5 million children and teenagers with a one-shot flu vaccine by early next month.

Dozens Get Wrong H1N1 Vaccine

POSTED: Tuesday, November 24, 2009
UPDATED: 10:14 am EST November 24, 2009
BOSTON -- Several people near Boston who thought they were getting an H1N1 vaccine got a shot for another strain of flu, WCVB-TV reported.

The station said 15 Needham firefighters and several Needham residents were caught in the medical mix-up.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now warning health departments about the possible vaccination label confusion.

The label of the seasonal flu vaccination had H1N1 on the label as one of the strains targeted -- but not the current pandemic H1N1 strain.

Paul Buckley, the Needham Fire Department chief, was among those who went Monday to get the actual H1N1 vaccine.

Buckley had been notified by the department that the vaccination he originally got, along with a number of his colleagues, was the seasonal flu vaccination by mistake.

In all, 47 people were affected. The mistake left people confused and concerned.

"Hopefully, we haven't had any issues in the past week where some of the people came in contact with the H1N1 virus or possibly got sick from it believing they were vaccinated when they actually weren't," Buckley said.

The town's health department has been calling everyone to tell them about the mistake. Officials said it was harmless and amounted to getting a booster for the seasonal flu.

Dr. Janice Berns said it is the first mistake like this that she has seen in her 40-year career in public health.

"I think the label doesn't appear to be clear," she said.

Health departments are now being alerted to the possibility of making this mistake.

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1,300 adverse suspected reactions and one death in UK

One person in the UK has died after being given the swine flu vaccine, though details have not been released.

Reports from the medicines regulator said they had serious underlying medical conditions and is one fatality among over 1,300 suspected adverse reactions, primarily to Pandemrix which is being used more widely than Celvapan.

Adverse reactions, suspected to be as a result of the vaccine, have affected nine pregnant women and all of them were not serious, the regulator said in a report. The majority of the suspected adverse reactions have been pain and swelling at the injection site, nausea and vomiting, muscle aches and headaches, which are all to be expected.

The document said: “Such events may occur shortly after vaccination and be reported as suspected adverse events. It is important to bear in mind that this temporal association does not in itself mean that the vaccine was responsible for the event and that this may be coincidental.”

There are currently slightly over nine million people in priority groups being vaccinated who have long-term serious illnesses and pregnant women.

Chief Medical Officer, Sir Liam Donaldson, announced this week that once the priority groups were vaccinated, the programme would extended to around three million healthy children aged between six months and five years.

The report concluded that no serious safety issues have been identified from the UK to date and the benefit-risk balance for both vaccines, (Pandemrix and Celvapan) remains positive.

Young child has leg pain from vaccine

I asked Felix' doctor when we went in a couple of weeks ago, and she echoed this - that the wee ones do have 'good' immunity after just the one shot. I asked her opinion as a doctor/parent, and she said that while public health is still saying that the 2nd shot is necessary, she wouldn't be getting it for her 21 month old.

I've decided not to do the 2nd shot, because Felix was in a LOT of pain (limping for 2 days!) after, and I'm pretty sure he's already had H1N1 already. It's a tough decision no matter what, eh? To get the shot, to not get the shot, to get the 2nd shot, to not get the 2nd shot... OY!

Swine flu vaccine investigated for rare side effects

A study to identify any rare side effects of the swine flu vaccination is being launched by scientists in Dundee.

Although already tested as part of the licensing process, the new study will focus on any effects not picked up by routine clinical trials of the vaccine.

The study will also include people who have declined to be vaccinated.

The swine flu treatment has already been offered to at-risk groups in Scotland, including children aged from six months to five years.

Those overseeing the research said people taking part would be assessed for up to a year after receiving the vaccination to monitor its effects.

The study team plan to use internet and mobile phone technology to streamline the data collection and processing.

'Extremely rare'

Those who were offered the jab but decided not to take it are also being invited to take part in the research to allow comparisons to be drawn between the different groups.

The nation-wide study is being run by the Medicines Monitoring Unit (MEMO), University of Dundee, in collaboration with the Drug Safety Research Unit (DSRU) in Southampton.

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I found a few phrases of this "memo" quite alarming... do you?

Note a few things:

1- it's a .gov site
2- it's intended for those stationed outside the United States.

U.S. Government Pandemic Policy for Americans Abroad

The U.S. Government remains concerned about the possibility of a severe influenza pandemic resulting from changes in the 2009-H1N1 virus or emergence of an even newer influenza virus that may affect Americans abroad. This fact sheet offers information on measures Americans can take to prepare for and cope with a severe pandemic. It also includes information on the U. S. Government’s efforts to plan for and respond to such an event.

The U.S. Government recognizes that in a severe pandemic, a variety of factors may lead Americans abroad to stay in the country they are visiting or in which they currently reside. Some may choose to remain in country to avoid mass transit, public gatherings or other situations that could increase their exposure to the virus. Others may be forced to remain in country due to disruptions in air travel, quarantines or closed borders. Consequently, it is U.S. Government policy for all overseas employees under Chief of Mission authority and their accompanying dependents to plan for the possibility that they will remain abroad during a severe pandemic. Information for both official and private Americans on how to prepare for this possibility is contained in the flyer “ Options During a Pandemic ,” which urges Americans to maintain adequate provisions for a pandemic wave or waves that could last from two to twelve weeks.

Once the World Health Organization (WHO) confirms a severe pandemic, American citizens (including non-emergency government personnel and their dependents, as well as private citizens) who are residing or traveling overseas should consider returning to the United States while commercial travel options are still available. Americans will be permitted to re-enter the United States, although the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (HHS/CDC) may quarantine or isolate incoming travelers, depending on their health status and whether they are traveling from or through an area affected by pandemic influenza.

In the event of a severe pandemic, non-emergency U.S. Government employees and all dependents in affected areas will be encouraged to return to the United States while commercial transportation is still available. U.S. Government employees who return to the United States will be expected to work there during the pandemic unless they take leave. Private American citizens should make an informed decision: either remain abroad to wait out the pandemic, as noted above, or return to the United States while this option still exists. Any American (whether overseas in a private capacity or a U.S. Government employee or dependent) who chooses not to return to the United States via commercial means might have to remain abroad for the duration of the pandemic if transportation is disrupted or borders close. Americans should be aware that only in cases of a complete breakdown in civil order within a country will the U.S. Government consider a U.S. Government-sponsored evacuation operation.

Those who feel they would be at greater risk by remaining abroad during a pandemic (whether moderate or severe), or who prefer returning to the United States to access American healthcare services, should opt to return to the United States. Individuals with chronic medical conditions may be at higher risk of suffering complications from influenza and should consider returning to the United States at the onset of a pandemic or of postponing travel during a pandemic. According to HHS/CDC, those at high risk may include: pregnant women; adults and children who have chronic pulmonary (including asthma), cardiovascular (except hypertension), renal, hepatic, hematological or metabolic disorders (including diabetes mellitus); adults and children who have immunosuppression (including that caused by medications or by human immunodeficiency virus); and adults and children who have any condition (e.g., cognitive dysfunction, spinal cord injuries, seizure disorders or other neuromuscular disorders) that can compromise respiratory function.

Due to legal restrictions and a lack of sufficient resources, the U.S. Department of State is not in a position to provide private American citizens traveling or living abroad with supplies, medications or medical treatment in the event of a pandemic. Therefore, private American citizens should carefully weigh the risks of remaining in country versus the risks of traveling, keeping in mind the potential benefits of returning to the United States. Returning to the United States could provide Americans with greater access to antiviral medications, respirators, face masks and pandemic vaccine. However, traveling could also increase one’s potential for exposure to the virus and even result in being stranded in a third country if flights are diverted or cancelled.

U.S. Government assistance to private American citizens who remain abroad will be limited, but should include communicating with family and friends on an individual’s behalf, monitoring quarantine/detention conditions as permitted by local health authorities, arranging for transfers of funds or granting temporary subsistence loans, and providing information regarding the availability of medical care (to be paid for by the individual). Private American citizens should be aware that the U.S. Government cannot demand their immediate release if they have been detained or quarantined abroad in accordance with public health and legal authorities.

high fever seen in child - 2nd set of shots

Worried: H1N1 Vaccine Side Effects

Initial Message
Posted by: bellacullen Date: Nov 21, 2009.

Hi all,

Our LO got the first H1N1 shot yesterday (the second is in a month). He also got his second seasonal flu vaccine at the same time (pedi said it was okay).

He has the most prolonged vaccine-related f ever he's ever had; it's over 24 hours now. It was 103.5; with Tylenol it's been around 101.5 He is sleepy and not eating well; he also has a runny nose that he had before the shot and it's compounding everything.

So I guess I'm just looking for reassurance that this moderate fever is normal since he's not been this way with any of his other shots. If you or your LO have had the H1 N1 vaccine, did you have a sustained fever? TIA.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

3 year old has high fever from swine flu mist

h1n1 spray vaccine reaction?
posted 6th Nov
My 3 yr old had the spray vaccine on monday and has been getting progressively sicker since yesterday. her fever is now at 102. the doctors office keeps hanging up on us, apparently they havent figured out how to put people on hold yet.... anyone else? shehas been just laying in the floor saying to leave her alone for the past 3 hours.what are we supposed to do, wait or take her in> thanks, im a little panicked.

thanks ladies, the office is closed so we may be going to the hospital. her fever is climbing pretty quickly, it was only 99.6 around 4 and now its alreay over 102. those bastards still keep hanging up on us, i hate our peids.

Hope everything is alright. I just saw she hasn't logged on since that. I hope lo didn't get worse or anything....

Unconfirmed reports of large numbers of deaths from the vaccine in the Ukraine

Last Updated on Thursday, 19 November 2009 20:31 Thursday, 19 November 2009 20:03

Unconfirmed reports are coming in that thousands of people in what appears to be a rural area under quarantine in the western Ukraine have been killed by vaccines.

A Ukrainian woman who crossed into neighbouring Poland told people there that she had driven into the Ukraine to meet a friend but was stopped about 60 km from the border and told that parts of the Western Ukraine were closed at a distance of about 100 kilometers from the border with Poland.

These people allegedly told her that there were thousands of dead people lying on the streets inside those closed off areas. Also, there are mass graves filled with bodies covered with lime. The woman said the people had died as a result of vaccinations. The vaccines allegedly came from France.

This report cannot be independently verified. The woman has reported what others have told her leaving room for the story to be distorted if there is any basis in fact at all. The woman did not see these things with her own eyes. Life in the town of Drohobych in the Western Ukraine appears to be continuing as normal, say eyewitness reports from there.

The Ukrainian government has recently clamped down on the media, shutting down bloggers, and there are no reports so far in the mainstream or alternaitve media that confirm this story. Rural parts of Western Ukraine are difficult to access. The Ukrainian government has said that it has put parts of Western Ukraine under quarantine as a result of an outbreak of pandemic. Also, the government has announced its intention to carry out mass vaccinations under the instructions of WHO to counter the "pandemic".

Reports have come in of pneunomic plague following unusual aircraft activity. Doctors are reported to have been told that they cannot write down pneumonic plague as a cause of death and must write down swine flu. This is an email from a source in Poland:
I reveived a phone call from the friend of my parents, a healer, who had a client from Ukraine - woman, who allegedly ran away from Ukraine yesterday. What she says is very scary. She tried to drive into Ukraine to meet her friend. About 60 km from the border she was stopped by people. They warned her that some parts of Western Ukraine are closed, around 100-10 km from the border.

Those people allegedly were crying that there are thousands of dead victims lying on the streets, and nobody wants to touch them. Also, that there are some mass graves filled with bodies, which were disinfected with lime (calcium). Thousands people died not from the disease but from the vaccines.
I tried to verify this info, my cousin called friends in Drohobycz (also Western
Ukraine) - there is nothng abnormal there. So it could be a provocation or
to run false stories.

Of course there is a chance that only small part of the region is affected, maybe
they tried there untested vaccine and these are the results. Nevertheless, there is complete media blackout about it except some comments in my blog which for already 2 weeks confirm the fact of "thousands of victims".

Patient dies after being given swine flu vaccine

By Jo Macfarlane
Last updated at 11:15 PM on 21st November 2009

One person has died after being given the Government’s new swine flu vaccination.

It is the first death to be linked to the new Pandemrix jab and comes on top of a further 1,329 reports of suspected adverse reactions in just four weeks.

But experts investigating the death say it was likely to have been caused by the patient’s ‘significant underlying health conditions’ rather than the vaccine itself.

Flu vaccine: There have been 1,329 reports of suspected adverse reactions to Pandemrix in four weeks

The most frequent reactions to Pandemrix are pain and swelling at the injection site, vomiting, dizziness and fever.

There have been two cases of anaphylactic shock, one child experienced arthritis and two had seizures, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency said. A link to the jab has not been established.

A Department of Health spokesman said: ‘There are no concerns about these reports.’

Site reader reports hives after vaccine

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post ".Allergic Reaction to the Flu Vaccine?":

Yep, my 10 year old son got both the H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccines at school on Thursday, 11/19th. Late Friday afternoon he broke out with hives on his forearms. They were minor and didn't itch very much if at all. I gave him one chewable benedryl and they seemed to go down although have not dissappeared completely. He's never had allergies, hives, or anything. He's not allergic to eggs either. I'm going to report the reaction to the school nurse on Monday.

Posted by Anonymous to H1N1 Vaccine Reactions at November 21, 2009 4:14 PM - another reaction - fainting, stomach cramps, "unaware"

360447,10/12/2009,WI,12.0,12,,F,10/12/2009,"Extreme pain in arm at shot location, unable to lift arm for two days above her heart level. On 09/23/2009 patient had the diarrhea, severe stomach cramps and fainted, falling off toilet into my arms. Patient was mumbling and unaware of what was happening. Patient pale, cold, clammy skin, lips white. Able to get her into bed and color started to come back. Had patient drink water slowly. Within 30 minutes patient was back to normal but still had the diarrhea with severe stomach cramps for several hours off and on. If I would not have been in the bathroom with her the first time she would have hit her head on the bathtub when she fainted. She could have easily have inured herself in the fall. I have no intentions of ever getting the H1N1 shots/mist for her or any other flu shot for her entire life. I work in a hospital and do not plan on getting the flu shots either, not tested enough and any chance of adverse reactions is a major concern.",,,,,,,,,Y,09/17/2009,09/17/2009,0,,UNK,UNK,,None,None,,

On a lighter note, kinda

Rod Weirer
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2009 17:03:09 +0700
Local: Sat, Nov 21 2009 2:03 am
Subject: Fwd: FW: FLU
*Something else to worry about ...*

*I'm not really concerned about swine flu. Here's my concern.

3 years ago,Chinese calendar year of the*cow* *Mad Cow disease*

2 years ago, Chinese calendar year of the *bird* *Avian flu.*

This year, Chinese calendar year of the *pig *Swine flu.**

Next year is the year of the* cock* - Anybody else worried?

Swine flu jab link to allergic reactions

Swine flu jab link to 24 allergic reactions
SEVERE: Call for calm as patients suffer seizures and palsy
By Clodagh Sheehy
Saturday November 21 2009
TWENTY-four reports of allergic reaction -- three of them severe -- and four reports of seizure have been made in connection with the swine flu vaccine.

The reports, which also included one of facial palsy, have been made to the Irish Medicines Board (IMB).

It has also emerged that the death of a patient 10 days after a swine flu vaccination is being investigated -- but the IMB has found no connection between the death and the vaccine.

The board says the patient had "a number of complex underlying conditions", and "there is no evidence however of any relationship between administration of the vaccine and the patient's death".

Short-term muscle tone effects in four children have also been reported.

Three patients suffered a suspected anaphylactic reaction -- one child to a Pandemrix vaccination and the other two were adults after Celvapan injections.

Altogether, the board has received 213 reports of suspected adverse reactions to both forms of swine flu vaccine.

It says, however, that "reports received to date remain consistent with the expected pattern of adverse effects from the pandemic vaccines. The balance of risks and benefits remains positive".

In the case of the Pandemrix vaccination, there were 104 reports of suspected adverse reaction including two seizures -- one in a patient receiving treatment for epilepsy and the other in a child with a history of convulsions. Eleven pregnant women reported reactions "including gastrointestinal symptoms, flu-like symptoms (eg, fever) and vaccination-related events such as syncope and dizziness.

Twenty-nine adverse reaction reports for Pandemrix related to children, including one of anaphylactic shock.


According to the IMB, "there has been one report of facial palsy which occurred two days post-vaccination and follow up of this case is ongoing".

In the case of Celvapan there have been two reports of seizures, one in a patient being treated for epilepsy and the other in a patient who recovered fully without treatment.

Nine reports were associated with use in pregnant women and 39 were associated with the use of Celvapan in children.

Fifteen reports of suspected allergic reaction to Celvapan required treatment .

H1N1 Vaccine results in lesions

360322,10/11/2009,MD,39.0,39,,F,10/11/2009,"Lip tingling, burning, developed blister, HSV appearance w/no previous history of HSV outbreak. Next day, further HSV like lesions appeared on torso/back/buttocks/chest. Vaccine given was live flu mist.",,,,,,,,,U,10/09/2009,10/09/2009,0,,PUB,PUB,,none,none,,

H1N1 Vaccine is made "just like the seasonal flu shot" - Right????????

Of course they make this process almost impossible, but the information is there for ANYONE who would like to verify these cases.

Remember, the first number is the patients identity number that matches up on all pages of data.

This is data from the 2009 files - (Jan 2009 - Oct 2009)

In a QUICK SEARCH, I've found 10 DEATHS from the "seasonal flu shot".......

360706,10/13/2009,VA,76.0,76,,F,10/13/2009,"Pt. expired on 10/3/09. Attending MD did not believe immunization was cause of death but reported because of dose temporal proximity.(Pt. expired approx. 24 hrs after receiving the flu vaccine). 10/16/09 Death Certificate: Cardiorespiratory arrest, Diabetes mellitus type 2, Hypertension.",Y,10/03/2009,,,,,,,N,10/02/2009,10/03/2009,1,,OTH,PVT,Metformin; Aricept; Coreg; HCTZ; Lexapro; Lisinopril; Synthroid; Namend; Insulin; Simvastatin,Diabetes; HTN; Dementia; hypothyroidism,NKDA,,

360751,10/14/2009,MI,1.0,1,.0,M,10/08/2009,Patient was seen on 10/1/09. Death reported on 10/4/09. Pt has seizure disorder along with encephalocele. / DANDY WALKER Syndrome. Had received vaccines on 10/1/09.,Y,,,,,,,,N,10/01/2009,10/04/2009,3,,PVT,UNK,,none,Seizure disorder; DANDY WALKER syndrome,,

360781,10/14/2009,WI,36.0,36,,F,10/08/2009,I was pregnant when I received the flu vaccine. Sixteen days after getting the vaccine my son was stillborn at 36 weeks gestation. There was no reason found to explain his death.,,,,,,,,,U,10/30/2008,11/15/2008,16,Infant had genetic testing which was negative.,PVT,PVT,multivatiman; sertraline; folic acid; polyethyeline glycol,None,Bacitracin allergy,,

361215,10/16/2009,NY,82.0,83,,M,10/16/2009,"Temp 103.2 at 0240 AM, rapid respirations began approx 12 hours later. 10/19/09 Death Certificate DOD 10/5/09 - Complications / effects of Influenza Vaccine. 10/19/09 Nursing Home medical records received service dates 10/1/09 to 10/5/09. Patient develops elevated temperature. Tylenol given, blankets removed and cool cloths applied. Oxygen via face mask. Respiration rate increased, mouth breathing. Appetite poor, not eating. Lethargic. Coughing. Unable to swallow. Unresponsive to voice or painful stimuli. Unable to obtain BP or radial pulse. Labored respirations. Stopped breathing. Death. Concurrent Illness: Toe has red flat area.",Y,10/05/2009,,,,,,,N,10/01/2009,10/02/2009,1,Chest x-ray negative for active disease. 10/19/09 Nursing Home medical records received service dates 10/1/09 to 10/5/09. LABS and DIAGNOSTICS: Chest X-ray - cardiomegaly.,UNK,UNK,"Coumadin, Fosamax, Vit. D, Zocor, Amiodarone HCL, Finasteride F/C, Prednisone, Multivitamin, Vit. C, Xalatan eye drops, Calcium Antacid, Demeclomycin, Brimonidine Tartrate eye drops",no,"other disorders of neurohypophysis 253.6, history of TIA/CVA, Polymyalgia Rheumatica",,

361282,10/16/2009,CA,89.0,89,,F,10/16/2009,Unknown. 11/6/09 Autopsy report received. DOD 10/12/09. Anatomic Diagnosis: 1. Coronary artery disease. 2. Cardiac rupture with cardiac tamponade. 3. Pleural effusion. 4. Status post cholecystectomy and appendectomy. 11/12/09 Coroner - Final Cause of Death: Severe coronary atherosclerosis.,Y,10/12/2009,,,,,,,N,10/09/2009,10/12/2009,3,,UNK,UNK,"Reglan, Calcium",None,"NKDA, Medical conditions are Benign Hypertension, Osteoporosis, Sleep Disorder",,

361353,10/16/2009,CA,9.0,9,,F,10/16/2009,"None Stated. On 10/19/09, the PCP stated that coroner called him and told him that he found consolidation of the lungs on autopsy. Autopsy report is not complete yet. 10/20/09 ER records received service date 10/14/09. Assessment: Cardiac arrest. CPR initiated. Pupils fixed and dilated. Apnea, pale. Rigor, lividity. 1022/09 PCP /Nursing medical records received, service dates 11/11/03 to 10/14/09. Assessment: Death. Office staff unable to contact patient's family, eventually visited patient's home. learnd that patient was found dead at home and taken to ER.",Y,10/14/2009,,,,,,,N,10/08/2009,10/14/2009,6,"CBC: 2.5, 7.5, 21.3, 207; Sed rate 125. 10/20/09 ER records received service date 10/14/09. LABS and Diagnostics: EEG - Asystole. CHEM - Glucose 107 mg/dL (H) Calcium 3.5 mg/dL (L) Albumin 3.4 g/dL (L) Alk Phos 170 U/L (L). CBC - WBC 2.5",PVT,UNK,None,Limping,"H/O Leukemia 2002; Down's Syndrome. 1022/09 PCP /Nursing medical records received, service dates 11/11/03 to 10/14/09. Down Syndrome. Cough, fever. Frequent colds. Discharge from eyes. Vomiting and diarrhea. Lymphadenopathy. Foot pain. CBC abnormal.",,

361579,10/19/2009,WA,73.0,73,,M,10/19/2009,"patient found dead in the morning by his son. presumed cardiac cause of death, although flu vaccine given 10/12/09 seems unlikely as a cause, it can not be excluded. Autopsy is not planned.",Y,10/15/2009,,,,,,,N,10/12/2009,10/15/2009,3,,PVT,PVT,,no illness reported,"chronic kidney failure, heart failure, ischemic cardiomyopathy, gastroesophageal reflux, h/o TIA.",,

361585,10/19/2009,AL,55.0,55,,M,10/19/2009,"Pt reported to be at hospital on vent since Oct 2 2009 with Guillain-Barre syndrome. 10/21/09 Hospital records DC summary received service dates 10/2/09 to 10/20/09. Assessment: Death due to sepsis, respiratory failure, disseminated intravasular coagulopathy, acute renal failure, cirrhosis. Patient presented with hx of lower extremity weakness progressing to all four extremities. Was admitted to another facility where he became short of breath and hypoxic, intubated and developed ARDS. Neurological exam - areflexia severe axonal senserimotor polyneuropathy.Tranferred to MSU service for plasma exchange. Multiple infections including ventilator aquired pneumonia. DIC. Bloody stools. Metabolic acidosis, DNR, death.",Y,10/20/2009,Y,,Y,18,,,U,09/11/2009,,,LABS and DIAGNOSTICS: POINT OF CARE - Na 152 mMol/L (H) K 3.1 mMol/L (L) Glu 242 mg/dL (H) Ca 102 mMol/L (L) HGB 8.8 g/dL (L) HCT 26% (L). AST 115 U/L (H) ALT 286 U/L (H) Creatinine Kinase U/L 1536 (H) CK MB ng/mL 14.5 (H). Urinalysis - Bac,PUB,UNK,,,"PMH: alcohol abuse, coronary artery disease, peripheral vasular disease, cirrhosis, stroke.",,

361716,10/20/2009,LA,74.0,74,,M,10/08/2009,"Pt had no obvious reaction to the vaccine. 10/23/09 Death certificate received. DOD 9/20/09. Cardiogenic shock, Hypoxic encephalopathy. Ventricular fibrillation. 11/17/09: Discharge Summary and Medical Records received for date of service 9/20/09: Final Dx: Out of hospital cardiac arrest, ventricular fibrillation, cardiogenic shock, severe hypoxic encephalopathy, respiratory failure. Assessment: Experienced sudden onset severe chest pain at home. Ambulance arrived and found pt. in ventricular fibrillation. Received 2 shocks en route to hospital and upon arrival was intubated with additional CPR and defibrillations. Major vasopressors were administered for support of blood pressure. CPK was 3000. Admitted to ICU and maintained on maximal support for 12 hours including ventilation, temporary pacemaker and major vasorpressors at high doses. No urinary output. Pupils fixed and unresponsive. Pt. eventually experienced cardiac arrest and died after DNR was signed.",Y,09/20/2009,,,Y,1,,,N,09/16/2009,09/20/2009,4,"11/17/09: Discharge Summary and Medical Records received for date of service 9/20/09: Labs and diagnostics: EKG-ventricular fibrillation. CPK 3000 (H). WBC 21,000 (H), Hct 54 (H), glucose 250 (H), BUN 21 (H), Sodium 149 (H). BNP 395 (H)",PVT,UNK,,No acute illness,"See attached. 11/17/09: Discharge Summary and Medical Records received for date of service 9/20/09: PMH: CAD with CABG surgery. Hyperlipidemia, PAD s/p carotid endarterectomy.",,

336403,01/05/2009,VA,60.0,60,,M,12/23/2008,"Chest tightness, shortness of breath, and rapid demise to death within 4 hours of receiving vaccine. 1/7/09-records received for ED DOS 9/29/08-presented to ED with C/O chest pain, while enroute to ED became diaphoretic, SOB required cardioconversion, intubation. V fib. DX and COD-Pulmonary embolus. Expired 9/29/08. 2/9/09-COD-pulmonary embolism.",Y,09/29/2008,,Y,,,,,N,09/29/2008,09/29/2008,0,1/7/09-records received-Chest x-ray infiltrate at left lung base and possible infiltrate right upper lobe.,PVT,PVT,LEVAQUIN; LOPRESSOR; NEURONTIN; ELAVIL,No acute illness,"Pernicious anemia; CAD; MI; Lumbar disc disease; Peripheral neuropathy; Hypothyroidism; Cardiomyopathy; GERD; Cervical disc disease; Nonunion R hip fx-repaired; AODM; BPH; MOTRIN; MYCARDIS; PREVACID; FLOMAX; trimethoprim 1/7/09-records received-PMH: CHF, pancreatitis, UTI, Diabetic, coronary stents. Stroke.",,

Pregnant women can have H1N1 vaccine with preservative

State rule temporarily rescinded for novel strain of flu virus
Daily Journal Staff Writer
Sunday, October 25, 2009 4:08 AM CDT
The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services has granted an exemption that allows pregnant women and children under 3 years old to receive the H1N1 vaccine containing a mercury-based preservative. The announcement, made Thursday, puts the decision of whether to get the vaccine in the hands of expectant mothers and the parents of the young children.

The action taken by Margaret Donnelly, director of the Department of Health and Senior Services, temporarily sets aside a statute that prohibits pregnant women and children under 3 from receiving the vaccine with this preservative.

Donnelly said women and parents of young children should consult their health provider to determine whether to get the vaccine.

The announcement comes just prior to St. Francois County’s first H1N1 flu shot clinic. The clinic is scheduled from noon to 4 p.m. at the St. Francois County Fairgrounds.

H1N1 mutation found in some flu fatalities

updated 10:10 a.m. PT, Fri., Nov . 20, 2009

OSLO - Norwegian health authorities said Friday they have discovered a potentially significant mutation in the H1N1 influenza strain that could be responsible for causing the severest symptoms among those infected.

"The mutation could be affecting the virus' ability to go deeper into the respiratory system, thus causing more serious illness," the Norwegian Institute of Public Health said in a statement.

The concern over mutation of the H1N1 virus came as health officials said the H1N1 virus is moving eastwards across Europe and Asia after appearing to peak in parts of western Europe and the United States, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday.

Adverse reactions to the Swine Flu vaccine soar.

Christina England
November 21, 2009
Glaxo Smith Kline have recalled a batch of Swine Flu vaccines containing around 170,000 vaccines in Canada, due to a larger than expected number of adverse reactions. GSK say that they expect to have reports of a severe adverse reaction in a approx 1 in every 100,000 persons receiving the vaccine, however, with this particular batch they were seeing about 1 in every 20,000 after six people suffered anaphylaxis shock after having the vaccine.

CTV National News: John Vennavally-Rao reports that more than 100,000 doses of the H1N1 vaccine were withdrawn on Thursday after a number of people who received the vaccine suffered a potentially life threatening allergic reaction which has raised some concerns. Glaxo Smith Kline say however, that this is just a precautionary measure.

However, elsewhere around the world, reports flood in of severe adverse reactions and deaths linked to the Swine Flu Vaccine.

The Local (Swedish News in English) reports of four cases where people have died after receiving the Swine flu vaccine.

The Jerusalem Post reports the death of a 75 year old, who died two days after receiving the Swine Flu vaccine reports on the agonising death of a toddler after the Swine Flu vaccine.

MSNBC News reports that a 14 year old boy has been struck down with GBS after Swine Flu Vaccine

Prison Planet reports that several women are speaking out after they have miscarried after the Swine Flu vaccine reports two deaths in China after Swine Flu vaccine

Belfast Telegraph reports boy rushed into hospital after Swine Flu Vaccine

Take up for this apparently safe vaccine is falling dramatically with newspapers such as the Dayton Business Journal reporting that one survey carried out saw around 50% of the public decide against having the vaccine. The results of a Zogby International interactive survey reported that 46% of adults who were considered to be high risk by CDC, planned to ignore the recommendation for vaccination, many fearing it's safety.

Reports elsewhere show similar responses, leaving many Governments and the Pharmaceutical industry seemingly red faced, after buying enough vaccines to vaccinate almost the entire population and few public willing to take up their offer.

It has been reported that some Governments have decided to opt out of the scheme to vaccinate against Swine Flu altogether, deciding that putting the safety of their people first is more important than vaccinating them with a vaccine they say has potential hazards.

The Polish Government have refused to buy the vaccine until it has been fully tested. Boston Herald reports on the 6th November 2009 – that the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said that his government won´t buy vaccines for swine flu that have not been properly tested or from producers who he says won´t take responsibility for possible side effects.

Pretty damning words coming from a man of power. The Boston Herald reported that the Polish Minister had said to reporters:-

"that vaccine producers were pressuring governments to buy, but were also demanding that all responsibility and compensation for possible negative side effects fall upon government shoulders."

The Canadian Press reported that Prime Minister Tusk had said:-

"Today we are dealing with great pressure from pharmaceutical firms ... we are dealing with expectations that hundreds of millions of zlotys (dollars) will be spent on vaccine while no one wants to guarantee that it has no side effects,"

He stressed that the few dozen swine cases in Poland have been mild and no deaths have been reported.

With all this confusing information, the public are left in a quandary as to whether to have a vaccine that despite assurances from the CDC, the FDA and the JCVI is safe, reports from elsewhere,seem to be telling a different story.After all the Swine Flu does not appear to be killing off as many people as we were first led to believe.

Natural News say that the CDC has reported that nearly 4,000 Americans have been killed by Swine Flu. That would be pretty impressive number until you read the report that they compared it to, stating that the number of people killed each year by Aspirin is more than four times this number.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Patient received H1N1 Vaccine as part of a clinical trial - developed Myocarditis

The first number "361877" is the patient's identity number on the VAERS site. You can see that the person received the H1N1 injection on 10/20/2009.


361877,10/20/2009,TX,66.0,66,,F,10/19/2009,"Patient received H1N1 Vaccine as part of a clinical trial on 9/2/09. She developed Myocarditis of unknown etiology with onset of symptoms 9/21/09. (See attached medical records). 10/28/09 Hospital records received service dates 9/24/09 to 10/7/09. Assessment: Non-ST segment elevation myocardial infarction Right profunda artery injury, right lower extremity ischemia. Patient with recent history of fevers, body aches, fatigue, nonproductive cough, chills, weight gain. Joint and muscle pain, weakness. Trouble talking. Transferred to a highler level facility. Bleeding from right groin. Patient developed shortness of breath. Chest pain. Fever. Became hypoxic with decreased responsiveness. Intubated. Pancytopenia. Abdomen distended. Bandemia and DCC. Edematous extremities. ARDS. Myelosuppression. Surgical procedures performed - repair of profunda artery on right side, four-compartment fasciotomy of right lower extremity. 10/28/09 ICD-9 Codes received: 786.06 Shortness of breath, 422.91 Idiopathic myocarditis, 323.9 Encephalitis, myelitis encephalomyelitis unspecified cause, 284.1 Pancytopenia, 790.6 Abnormal blood chemistry, 575.10 Cholecystitis unspecified.",,,,,Y,13,,,N,09/02/2009,09/21/2009,19,"See attached records. 10/28/09 Hospital records received service dates 9/24/09 to 10/7/09. LABS and DIAGNOSTICS: Troponins - 50.3 (H). Cardiac Catherization - Abnormal, lateral myocarditis, mildly depressed left ventricular function. E",OTH,OTH,Dapsone,None,"Asthma; Gastroesophageal reflux; ""Skin condition"". 10/28/09 Hospital records received service dates 9/24/09 to 10/7/09. Asthma, irritable bowel disease. Osteoporosis. GERD. Allergies - Penicillin, tetracycline. Surgeries - Rhinoplasty, cataracts, D&C, Tonsillectomy.",,

site reader reports spreading numbness

Anonymous said...

Has anybody had these symptoms with the inhaled version (nasal spray) of the H1N1 vaccine? My girlfriend started feeling numbness on one side of her body that has been spreading and we are trying to figure out if it could be due to the vaccine.
November 20, 2009 10:06 PM
Flying Pigs said...

Yes, others have experienced that. Some say it went away in a few days and others are still suffering after 12 days or more.
Please report this to your doctor.
November 20, 2009 10:12 PM

How did my daughter get swine flu twice?

How did my daughter get swine flu twice?

by admin on November 20, 2009

She had the seasonal flu shot and seasonal flu is non-existent in our area. She got swine flu and took Tamiflu a month ago. I recently came down with swine flu and now she has it again. Did it mutate because of our Tamiflu use or do we have something else? What could it be?

XYXYXY November 20, 2009 at 8:49 pm

let’s see, she took the vaccine, and then got the swine flu. I’m no scientist, but I think there could be a connection. The vaccine is after all a weakened virus, so getting the vaccine means you are getting injected with the swine flu. There is a lot of information on the internet about this if you are inclined to research it.

Kids Receive Wrong H1N1 Vaccine Dose

Zhao said she called the CDC and her suspicions were confirmed. Her children had only received half the dose they were supposed to. Zhao said she called Livonia Urgent Care again and asked the director to look into the directions for administering the vaccine.

"The director called and said 'well it looks like we did misread about it,'" said Zhao.

Local 4 contacted Livonia Urgent Care. Director Dr. Mohammed Arsiwala released this statement:

"We pride ourself on quality clinical care. We have been practicing in the community for ten years. This is a new vaccine, and this is the first time we are administering it on behalf of the Michigan Department of Community Health. We entered all of the data into the MCIR database, the registry for immunization. This problem stemmed from having a misunderstanding of the amount of the nasal live vaccine to be administered. Approximately 40 children will be contacted to be re-vaccinated as soon as the vaccine is available, at no charge."

RANT: H1N1 "swine flu" vaccine

RANT: H1N1 "swine flu" vaccine (a cautionary tale)
Date: 2009-11-20, 11:50AM CST
Reply To This Post

I'm not claiming cause and effect, but I thought this story is worth sharing. A week or so ago, my niece got the H1N1 vaccine - the kind they spray in your nose. Now she is sick with H1N1, otherwise known as "swine flu" and is on antibiotics because she also contracted pneumonia. She just turned three years old and has contracted TWO potentially life-threatening illnesses within one week.

I'm not saying that the vaccine caused her to get sick - but it sure as hell didn't prevent her from getting sick, and I'm pissed!

* Location: a cautionary tale

Lawsuit to Attempt to Stop Swine Flu Vaccinations

Health freedom attorney Jim Turner is filing a lawsuit in Washington D.C. mid-day Friday in an urgent effort to halt the distribution of the swine flu vaccine in America. On behalf of plaintiffs Dr. Gary Null and other licensed health care workers of New York State, the lawsuit charges that the FDA violated the law in its hasty approval of four swine flu vaccines by failing to scientifically determine neither the safety nor efficacy of the vaccines.

"The suit will seek an injunction against the FDA from approving the vaccine”, attorney Jim Turner told NaturalNews on Thursday evening's Natural News Talk Hour show. "And the core of the argument is that they have not done the proper safety and efficacy tests on the vaccine to allow it to be release at this time."

The suit seeks to not only nullify the FDA's unlawful "approval" of the four H1N1 influenza vaccines, but to also ask the court to issue an injunction that would halt any mandatory vaccination requirements.

"The FDA is required by law to establish that a vaccine is safe and effective before it can be given to the public," said Turner. "We are arguing that they did not establish that the vaccine was effective, and did not establish that it was safe. They are trying to get it on the market by a waiver."

Vaccine / adjuvant combination has never been properly tested!
The vaccine / adjuvant combination being referred to as the "swine flu vaccine" has apparently never been safety tested or approved by the FDA. In fact, in many cases the vaccine is being sent to clinics, pharmacies and other health establishments separately from the adjuvant chemical, leaving it up to each local vaccine retailer to properly mix the vaccine with the adjuvant, according to information provided by Turner. With hundreds of millions of Americans potentially being targeted with this vaccine, the potential for improper mixing, improper dosages, and human error is alarming.

If the charges described in the lawsuit are true, it means the FDA has blatantly abandoned medical science and violated its own regulations in approving not only these four vaccines, but the potentially deadly adjuvant chemicals as well. To date, the FDA has produced absolutely no scientific evidence documenting safety tests for any of these swine flu vaccines. There are no published studies, no records of any clinical trials, and no publicly-available paper trail demonstrating that any safety testing was done whatsoever. There is no researcher who has publicly put their name on the record declaring the vaccines to be safe, and no FDA official has ever stated that scientifically-valid safety testing has ever been conducted on the vaccine / adjuvant combinations now being distributed across America.

Normally, when a pharmaceutical achieves "FDA approved" status, there is a considerable paper trail of scientific scrutiny, peer review, clinical trials, and other supporting evidence. To our knowledge, no such documents exist for the swine flu vaccines. The FDA's approval of these vaccines appears to be based entirely on a whim.

"What has been tested?" asked attorney Jim turner. "Where has it been tested? Who reviewed the test? Who looked at the test and said yes they proved safety and efficacy? There is no record that we can find that shows these things have been done."

By approving the four vaccines in the absence of such safety testing, the FDA itself stands in direct violation of federal law. "There is a law that they're supposed to follow and they are not following it," Turner added.

Billions of dollars are at stake!
Why, then, did the FDA apparently violate the law and push these vaccines into full public distribution without securing the safety testing required by law? Turner suspects a profit motive may be involved: "They're charging $24.95 to get a vaccine. Multiplied by 100 million people, that's a lot of money. If you do the whole society, you're talking about several billion dollars."

In fact, the U.S. vaccination push could ultimately target over 200 million Americans, generating nearly $5 billion in vaccine-related revenues. Cashing in on those revenues, however, requires three things:

1) Spreading fear about H1N1 swine flu by exaggerating its dangers.

2) Quickly making a vaccine available for sale, even if it has never been thoroughly tested for safety and efficacy.

3) Aggressively marketing the vaccines before the H1N1 swine flu fizzles out and can no longer be hyped up as "highly virulent”.

All three of these conditions are now being pushed aggressively in the U.S. by pharma-influenced health authorities at both the state and federal level. There is a mad, cult-like rush under way to vaccinate American citizens with an unproven, untested chemical that was thrust into distribution in apparent violation of federal law. And if this vaccine is not stopped, the price that may ultimately be paid in terms of lost lives could be quite dire.

It all harkens back to 1976 when a previous formulation of the swine flu vaccine paralyzed and killed thousands of Americans. Turner was one of the attorneys instrumental in halting that vaccine, and he fears a repeat situation could potentially recur today. He told NaturalNews, "[In 1976] they were intending to inoculate 200 million people. We stopped them... and somewhere between 40 and 50 million people were vaccinated. What ultimately brought it down is that a substantial number of people got 'French Polio' [Guillain-Barre syndrome], a paralysis that goes... through the body, and if it goes far enough you die."

About health freedom attorney Jim Turner
Jim Turner, with Citizens for Health ( ), is one of the most accomplished and respected health freedom attorneys practicing today. His firm, Swankin & Turner, represents businesses and individuals on a variety of regulatory issues relating to foods, drugs, and health.

Donations to support this swine flu vaccine lawsuit are greatly welcomed. You can donate to on this page:

A special fund specifically focused on the swine flu vaccine lawsuit will be announced here on NaturalNews. Watch this story for an update.

Swine Flu Vaccine Study! (Chicago) $325!

Swine Flu Vaccine Study! (Chicago)
Date: 2009-11-20, 2:52PM CST
Reply to: see below

Lately, there has been a lot of news about the flu.

Are you prepared?

The best way to protect yourself against the flu is to get vaccinated.

Radiant Research is conducting a clinical research study on an investigational flu vaccine for adults age 18 and older. Qualified participants will receive all study related care and investigational flu vaccine at no cost and may be compensated up to $325 for time and travel.

Radiant Research
515 N. State Street, Suite 2700, Chicago, IL
Call Mon-Fri for more information
We Can’t Do It Without YOU!

* Location: Chicago
* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
* it's OK to distribute this charitable volunteerism opportunity for inclusion in 3rd party web sites that have been approved by craigslist

PostingID: 1475081859

Forced Vaccination

New Jersey Mandates All children in Day Care or Pre-school Get Vaccinated

Forced Vaccine Prevention

Holy Shit! Actual VAERS symtom log from .gov site - HORRIFYING!!!!!!

There is SO MUCH MORE than this... I just grabbed a few different symptoms reported. Be careful if you click on the title link, it may just crash your computer - that is how many REPORTED VACCINE REACTIONS there are. Pathetic cruel show of what the vaccine makers and the government know about but do nothing about.

361756,Balance disorder,12.10,Bladder disorder,12.10,CSF protein normal,12.10,CSF test abnormal,12.10,CSF white blood cell count negative,12.10

361756,Neck pain
12.10,Nerve conduction studies normal,12.10,Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging abnormal,12.10,Pain in extremity,12.10,Parasite blood test,12.10

361756,Red blood cells CSF positive,12.10,Tremor,12.10,Visual impairment,12.10,,,,

361758,Chest discomfort,12.10,Dyspnoea,12.10,Heart rate increased,12.10,Tremor,12.10,,

361763,Cough,12.10,Headache,12.10,Oropharyngeal pain,12.10,Pyrexia,12.10,Vomiting,12.10

361766,Abdominal discomfort,12.10,Haematochezia,12.10,Occult blood positive,12.10,,,,

361767,Blood glucose normal,12.10,Dizziness,12.10,Dyspnoea,12.10,Visual impairment,12.10,,

361768,Confusional state,12.10,Disorientation,12.10,Fall,12.10,Nervousness,12.10,,

361769,Chills,12.10,Fatigue,12.10,Ocular hyperaemia,12.10,,,,

361770,Abdominal discomfort,12.10,Abdominal discomfort,12.10,Asthenia,12.10,,,,

361771,Computerised tomogram,12.10,Echocardiogram,12.10,Laboratory test,12.10,Pallor,12.10,Unresponsive to stimuli,12.10

361772,Injection site infection,12.10,,,,,,,,


361774,Chest discomfort,12.10,Eye pruritus,12.10,Pruritus,12.10,Rash,12.10,Rash,12.10


361775,Body temperature increased,12.10,Nausea,12.10,Oedema peripheral,12.10,,,,

361776,Feeling abnormal,12.10,Feeling abnormal,12.10,Loss of consciousness,12.10,Loss of consciousness,12.10,Muscle spasms,12.10


361777,Asthenia,12.10,Injected limb mobility decreased,12.10,Injection site pain,12.10,Musculoskeletal pain,12.10,Neck pain,12.10

361777,Pain in extremity,12.10,,,,,,,,

361778,Erythema,12.10,No reaction on previous exposure to drug,12.10,Oedema peripheral,12.10,Skin warm,12.10,,


361780,Arthralgia,12.10,Chills,12.10,Gait disturbance,12.10,Lip swelling,12.10,Oedema peripheral,12.10

361780,Pyrexia,12.10,Rash macular,12.10,Urticaria,12.10,,,,


361782,Erythema,12.10,Skin warm,12.10,,,,,,

361783,Activities of daily living impaired,12.10,Asthenia,12.10,Blood creatine phosphokinase increased,12.10,Gait disturbance,12.10,Hepatic enzyme increased,12.10
361783,Motor dysfunction,12.10,Myalgia,12.10,Pain,12.10,,,,

361785,Hypersomnia,12.10,Rash erythematous,12.10,Rash pruritic,12.10,,,,

361787,Dizziness,12.10,Viral infection,12.10,Vomiting,12.10,,,,

361794,Paraesthesia,12.10,Upper respiratory tract congestion,12.10,,,,,,

361795,Unevaluable event,12.10,Wrong drug administered,12.10,,,,,,

361796,Headache,12.10,Pain,12.10,Sensation of foreign body,12.10,Swollen tongue,12.10,,

361797,Pruritus,12.10,Rash erythematous,12.10,Tenderness,12.10,,,,

361798,Erythema,12.10,Gait disturbance,12.10,Muscular weakness,12.10,Oedema peripheral,12.10,Skin warm,12.10


361799,Eye swelling,12.10,Pain,12.10,Swelling face,12.10,,,

361803,Inappropriate schedule of drug administration,12.10,Unevaluable event,12.10,,,,,,

361804,Lip swelling,12.10,Pruritus generalised,12.10,,,,,,

361805,Dermatitis contact,12.10,Eye swelling,12.10,Oral pruritus,12.10,Pruritus,12.10,Rash,12.10

361805,Rash,12.10,Swelling face,12.10,,,,,,

361808,Depressed level of consciousness,12.10,Dyspnoea,12.10,Dyspnoea,12.10,Erythema,12.10,Hypoventilation,12.10
361808,Respiration abnormal,12.10,,,,,,,,

361809,Pruritus generalised,12.10,Urticaria,12.10,,,,,,

361810,Asthenia,12.10,Blood culture positive,12.10,Blood urea increased,12.10,Body temperature increased,12.10,Cardiac failure congestive,12.10
361810,Chest X-ray,12.10,Chills,12.10,Cough,12.10,Dehydration,12.10,Diarrhoea,12.10
361810,Dysuria,12.10,Electrocardiogram,12.10,Full blood count,12.10,Heart rate increased,12.10,Hypotension,12.10

361810,Lethargy,12.10,Pyrexia,12.10,Sepsis,12.10,Urinary tract infection,12.10,Urine analysis abnormal,12.10

361810,White blood cell count increased,12.10,,,,,,,,

361811,Chills,12.10,Disorientation,12.10,Erythema,12.10,Hypoaesthesia facial,12.10,Immediate post-injection reaction,12.10
361811,Oedema peripheral,12.10,Pain in extremity,12.10,Pyrexia,12.10,,,,
361812,Injection site pain,12.10,Injection site rash,12.10,Injection site swelling,12.10,Injection site warmth,12.10,Pyrexia,12.10
361813,Dizziness,12.10,Dyspnoea,12.10,Ear pain,12.10,Erythema,12.10,Musculoskeletal pain,12.10

361818,Inappropriate schedule of drug administration,12.10,No adverse event,12.10,,,,,,


361827,Injection site erythema,12.10,,,,,,,,

361828,Drug exposure during pregnancy,12.10,,,,,,,,

361829,Back pain,12.10,Hypoaesthesia,12.10,Muscular weakness,12.10,Musculoskeletal pain,12.10,Paraesthesia,12.10

361830,Mobility decreased,12.10,Pain in extremity,12.10,Synovitis,12.10,,,,

361834,Ear pain,12.10,Erythema,12.10,Headache,12.10,Herpes zoster,12.10,Neck pain,12.10

361837,Hypoaesthesia,12.10,Immediate post-injection reaction,12.10,Lymph node pain,12.10,Lymphadenopathy,12.10,Paraesthesia,12.10

361839,Autism,12.10,Chills,12.10,Crying,12.10,Depressed level of consciousness,12.10,Dyspnoea,12.10

361839,Erythema,12.10,Muscle rigidity,12.10,Poor quality sleep,12.10,Screaming,12.10,,

361841,Condition aggravated,12.10,Epstein-Barr virus infection,12.10,Fatigue,12.10,Listless,12.10,Oropharyngeal pain,12.10

361845,Childhood disintegrative disorder,12.10,Head titubation,12.10,Irritability,12.10,Personality change,12.10,Tremor,12.10

361846,Computerised tomogram normal,12.10,Encephalitis post immunisation,12.10,Eye movement disorder,12.10,Eyelid disorder,12.10,Eyelid ptosis,12.10

361846,Full blood count normal,12.10,Gait disturbance,12.10,Lumbar puncture normal,12.10,Metabolic function test,12.10,Muscular weakness,12.10
361846,Ophthalmoplegia,12.10,Photophobia,12.10,Reflex test normal,12.10,Urine analysis normal,12.10,,

361847,Hypoaesthesia,12.10,Lumbar puncture abnormal,12.10Multiple sclerosis,12.10,Myelitis,12.10,Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging abnormal,12.10

361850,Back pain,12.10,,,,,,,,

361861,Inappropriate schedule of drug administration,12.10,No adverse event,12.10,,,,,,

361863,Sleep disorder,12.10,,,,,,,,

361865,Asthma,12.10,Condition aggravated,12.10,Cough,12.10,Dyspnoea,12.10,Rash,12.10

361869,Dysphagia,12.10,Hypoaesthesia oral,12.10,Nausea,12.10,Paraesthesia oral,12.10,Speech disorder,12.10

361870,Adverse drug reaction,12.10,Angiogram,12.10,Anxiety,12.10,Burning sensation,12.10,Computerised tomogram normal,12.10

361870,Cough,12.10,Ear discomfort,12.10,Exposure to communicable disease,12.10,Fatigue,12.10,Headache,12.10

361870,Muscle contractions involuntary,12.10,Muscle spasms,12.10,Muscle spasms,12.10,Muscle strain,12.10,Muscle twitching,12.10

361870,Myalgia,12.10,Myalgia,12.10,Myelopathy,12.10,Nasopharyngitis,12.10,Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging,12.10

361870,Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging abnormal,12.10,Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging brain,12.10,Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging brain normal,12.10,Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging normal,12.10,Oral disorder,12.10

361870,Oral herpes,12.10,Pain,12.10,Pain in jaw,12.10,Paraesthesia,12.10,Paraesthesia,12.10

361870,Positive Rombergism,12.10,Post vaccination syndrome,12.10,Sensation of heaviness,12.10,Sensory disturbance,12.10,Spinal osteoarthritis,12.10

361870,Tinnitus,12.10,Vertigo,12.10,Viral infection,12.10,,,,

361871,Fatigue,12.10,Muscle spasms,12.10,Muscle spasms,12.10,Muscle strain,12.10,Myalgia,12.10

361877,Abdominal distension,12.10,Acute respiratory distress syndrome,12.10,Arterial injury,12.10,Arterial repair,12.10,Arthralgia,12.10

361877,Asthenia,12.10,Bacteria urine,12.10,Band neutrophil count increased,12.10,Biliary dilatation,12.10,Bone marrow failure,12.10

361877,Catheterisation cardiac abnormal,12.10,Chest X-ray abnormal,12.10,Chest pain,12.10,Chills,12.10,Cough,12.10

361877,Fatigue,12.10,Fluid retention,12.10,Haemorrhage,12.10,Hepatomegaly,12.10,Hypoxia,12.10

361877,Left ventricular dysfunction,12.10,Myalgia,12.10,Myocarditis,12.10,Oedema peripheral,12.10,Pain,12.10

361877,Troponin increased,12.10,Ultrasound abdomen abnormal,12.10,Unresponsive to stimuli,12.10,Urinary tract infection fungal,12.10,Vascular injury,12.10

361877,Weight increased,12.10,,,,,,,,

361891,Eye disorder,12.10,Facial palsy,12.10,Facial palsy,12.10,Full blood count,12.10,Full blood count normal,12.10

361892,Fear of death,12.10,Nausea,12.10,Pain,12.10,Pallor,12.10,Presyncope,12.10

361899,Blood cortisol normal,12.10,Cardiac stress test abnormal,12.10,Concussion,12.10,Depressed level of consciousness,12.10,Dizziness,12.10
361899,Electrocardiogram abnormal,12.10,Haematocrit decreased,12.10,Haemoglobin normal,12.10,Laboratory test abnormal,12.10,Loss of consciousness,12.10
361899,Pulse pressure decreased,12.10,Sinus tachycardia,12.10,Syncope,12.10,Tilt table test,12.10,Unresponsive to stimuli,12.10

360687,Emotional distress,12.10,Fatigue,12.10,Fatigue,12.10,Fatigue,12.10,Fibromyalgia,12.10

360687,Foot deformity,12.10,Gait disturbance,12.10,Gait disturbance,12.10,Gastrooesophageal reflux disease,12.10,Goitre,12.10

360687,Hypersomnia,12.10,Immunology test normal,12.10,Inflammation,12.10,Joint swelling,12.10,Lethargy,12.10

360687,Pulse absent,12.10,Rheumatoid factor negative,12.10,Spinal X-ray normal,12.10,Tricuspid valve incompetence,12.10,Vaccination complication,12.10


Adverse Reaction to Seasonal Flu Vaccine - numbness, weakness

Adverse Reaction to Seasonal Flu Vaccine
by NZer292, Sep 02, 2009 07:04PM
Tags: flu vaccine, adverse reaction, Pain
Hi, I recently had the standard, seasonalSeasonal affective disorder
Nasal spray flu vaccine just over a month ago. Whilst the injection was being administered there was a strong stinging sensation followed by an intense pain in my deltoid muscle, whilst picking my heavy bag up off the floor (same arm). I was told to wait 20 minutes out in the main waiting room.

That eveningEvening primrose
Evening primrose oil I experienced severe chillsChills and aches for the following 48 hours. The aching in my upper arm remained, followed approximately three weeks ago by severe pain radiating from the fluAmniocentesis
Atrial fibrillation/flutter
Hiatal hernia repair shot down to my right forearm, outer elbow and hand. There has also been some minor numbness and pins and needle type sensations, especially noticed first thing in the morning. The pain becomes more intense during the day. I have been to the emergency department twice (by my GP's referral). I have been seen by a hand/arm plastic surgeon and two Neurologists, both came up with differing results. The hand surgeon said it was definitely nerve related whilst the Neurologists said it was both muscle and musculoskeletal related and more than likely a result of the flu vaccine and then picking up my bag. A sort of chain of events/ domino effect causing further pain. I was prescribed some non steroidal anti-inflammatory tablets for a week, after earlier being prescribed codeine, which did nothing to alleviate the pain, it only made me feel drowsy with severe nausea. The non steroidal anti-inflammatory tablets did help take the edge off of the pain, although I was still aware of the discomfort. I have since waited out the remainder of this week to see how things would go, however slowly but surely the intensity of the pain is returning.

What is wrong with my arm and will this pain be permanent?
This morning a lymph node under my right arm is slightly raised and painful.

I was not offered a scan even though I asked on three separate occasions.

Thank-you for your time,

Life Long Vaccine Reaction Story

Clayton’s first DPT-P shot was administered at 8 weeks. Within hours, I could not hold him, try as I might, for he was arched right over backwards. His screaming was non-stop, at an unnatural, terrifying pitch I had never heard before. I later learned this is called ‘the encephalitic scream.’ I called our family pediatrician at 2 a.m. asking if I should bring Clayton in to the ER. No, I was told, this was normal, and it was suggested to me that I should just let him ‘cry it out.’ I was then told that Clayton would be fine, and that I should leave him be and go get some sleep. This went on for 16 hours! Still another call, with me more and more frantic. Being told to relax, as my hysterics could be exacerbating the problem. I was exhausted and fearful, and once again, asked if I should bring my son to the hospital. Again the answer was no, and again, told to just go to bed. Sleep! Though my mind and body were screaming for just that, sleep was the last thing on my mind. All I could do was sit on the bed and cry; I’d never felt such a keen feeling of helplessness, and isolation in my life. There was no family to call for help – the Dr’s were all I could count on to help us… or so I thought.

click title for full story

.Allergic Reaction to the Flu Vaccine?

Hello everyone,

My daughter is 15 mo old, and yesterday she has received the flu shot for the first time (along with a booster for dTAP and Hib). A few hours later I have noticed hives on her legs and some separate patches on her lower back and over her right shoulder. I gave her Benadryl and she was fine. This morning she had a fever of 101.4 and hives on her left arm and again over her right shoulder, but nothing on her legs or back. I gave her some tylenol and the rash went away as well as the fever. However, she was very tired. The doctor says he has not heard of such an allergic reaction after getting vaccinated, but what else can it be???. She was fine until she got the vaccinations. I am really confused. Did anyone else experience that kind of thing with their kids?
Thank you so much!

When your doctor won't report a vaccine reaction...

When your doctor won't report a vaccine reaction...

you should know that Federal law requires doctors or other health care professionals who give vaccines to:

REPORT ADVERSE EVENTS (hospitalizations, injuries, and deaths) occurring within 30 days of vaccination, including convulsions, shock, paralysis and other serious events to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). The doctor or other health care provider that administered the vaccination is not supposed to make a judgment as to whether the adverse event that occurred following vaccination was caused by the vaccine or not caused by the vaccine. The law says it is the duty of all vaccine administrators to report the event to the federal government regardless of whether they believe the vaccine caused the event.

RECORD ADVERSE EVENTS following vaccination in a person's permanent medical record.

KEEP A PERMANENT RECORD of the date, manufacturer's name and lot number of all vaccines given.

PROVIDE INFORMATION on the vaccine benefits and risks BEFORE the vaccine is given either to the individual who will receive the vaccine or the parent or guardian of that individual.

If your doctor refuses to report a serious event which occurred following a vaccination given to you or your child within 30 days of vaccination to VAERS, you may:

* REPORT IT YOURSELF by calling 1-800-822-7967 to receive a government Vaccine Adverse Events Report form, download the form by linking to
or submit it online at
More information about VAERS can be found at and

* FILE A COMPLAINT OF PROFESSIONAL MISCONDUCT to your State Board of Medical Examiners.

* REPORT IT TO THE NATIONAL VACCINE INFORMATION CENTER, (NVIC), a national, non-profit, educational organization founded in 1982 and dedicated to preventing vaccine injuries and deaths through public education. By reporting to NVIC, they can better monitor the effectiveness of the government's Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System and gather important data on vaccine reactions for analysis that the government and vaccine manufacturers do not do. Call (703)-938-DPT3 and ask for an NVIC Vaccine Adverse Event Registry questionnaire to be sent to you. You may also report a vaccine reaction to NVIC by accessing their web site at

Reaction - bruising, swelling, itching and redness

I might have a swine flue vaccine reaction?
i woke up this morning with swollen hands, red knuckles, and bruised hands. the swelling went down but the redness moved from my arms to my hands to my feet and i was itchy too! my hands bruised very quickly and then healed just as fast. i got the swine flu shot three days ago, and it might just be something else, IS THIS AN ALLERGIC REACTION???

Army got flumist - soldier developed asthma overnight

QUESTION: My nephew is in basic training for the Army and he has called home to say that they gave him the H1N1 flu spray. He told us everyone got sick with the flu and they are now telling him he is being sent home due to having asthma. He has never had asthma before. Why can they not test him again to see that this could just be because they gave him the h1n1 spray and he has developed the flu. We are not understanding how he could have past all the physicals and has been participating in all the PE programs and just now they are telling the boy he has asthma. Can you please tell us what to have him do. Should he request to be seen by another doctor in the military. Thank you

ANSWER: This does not add up. The army is too hard up to drum him out the army on a medical discharge due to this. There must be more to the story. Thousands in the army have asthma. I would say there is something else here. Read his medical paperwork closer, as I suspect there is additional information to this situation. On face value, of course this would need another exam. If they did this to everyone like your nephew, then everyone would be claiming asthma to get out the army. Please read the fine print and get a copy of his paperwork for the family doctor to review.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Flumist w/ clip? Anyone else have this?


I took my sons ages 5 and 8 to get the flumist vaccine today. If side effects were to occur, how soon would they start? When my youngest gets head colds, he tends to wheeze so I want to watch him closely. Would side effects start within hours? days?

Also, I had the FluMist last week. The nurse did one of my nostrils and then removed a clip type thing before doing the other nostril. I did not notice the kid's nurse doing that (removing something before the second squirt.) Do you think it was done correctly? I made the kids sniff alot after the vaccine but then a friend told me they shouldn't do that. Is that true?

Thanks much.

online comments - fever, weakness, Crohns Disease, numbness, loss of sight, suicidal, stoned, insomnia,

Following her swine flu shot, my wife became terribly constipated; it was similar to what taking 4000 mg of hydrocodone apap per day (for fibromylagia) did to her, but she hasn't had the hydrocodone apap in almost four months. Is this side effect for H1N1 unusual?

well i had mine on monday here in sweden and as a high risk person strokes and blood cloots in my lungs ect. i am left with a pain still in my arm where they put the needel and a pains in my right legs. i was told it was best i have but now i am not so shure!!
I took h1n1 vaccine manufactured by sanofi pasteur within 3 days i got nausea, body aches, and headache.

I got swine flu H1N1 infuenza vaccine on 10/25/09 by 10/28/09 I got malaise, pain, nausea and headache.

I already had a bit of a cold when I had received the swine flu shot yesterday. Today I am feeling severely nauseated and also have hot and cold chills and pain at the injection site. Along with those symptoms, I'm also feeling "out-of-it". Hopefully this does not last long. And to add, I am a 23 year old female. I have a two year old daughter who will be getting the vaccination next week, right now she has a bit of a fever from a seasonal cold/flu so the health care workers would not allow her to have the shot until her fever was gone.

My 12 year old son got the shot yesterday and this morning is severly nauseous and temporarily lost his vision! Very scary. He also feels very ill.

I recieved the H1N1 vaccine and I havent felt good since the vaccine! Within two hours of the shot I got hives and a nasty rash. It has been almost two weeks since I recieved the vaccine and I find my head out of sorts, headache, fever, chills, nausea, and diarrhea. I am unsure if I would get this vaccine again. I work in a hospital and it is hard to function. We have a few people out of work sick after recieving the vaccine. It really stinks that some people end up with these nasty side effects and let me tell you, they suck! I just pray everyday that I feel better. I have other medical problems as well, that bring me down and this is just the icing on the cake! If I was you I would really rethink the options!

I had mine today and I've had a sore arm, malaise, a very mild headache and now I'm getting chills. I had a sore arm and chills/fever last year from the normal flu shot though so this doesn't seem like an odd reaction from me. I'll be fine after a good nights sleep. As for everyone else around here who's got the shot so far, it seems like everyone gets a sore arm, but that's usually it.
I am a 12 year old boy and I had gotten my shot on the 26th and since the 29th, I have been feeling nauseated and It has been like this since friday. I slept 1 whole day since it happened. My throat started to hurt a lot, when I awoke I had a terrible fever, my body was aching and I had a high fever. It's been one day and I still feel terrible, I could barely move my body and medicine hasn't been helping me. When I started to eat again, my body wasn't so tired and I could walk again for a short time about 10-20 minutes and I would get very tired

**Research over and over!! I have been torn about my 5 yr old daughter with asthma getting this vaccine. I asked for God to give me a sign on whether or not to get my child the vaccine and the next day our sales rep came into my work and said his 11 year old nephew had the h1n1 vaccine and a week later started complaining he had a headache few hours later he went into a terrible seizure now this poor child has been in the hospital ever since and had severe seizures one after the other. After testing and x-rays they can't seem to find out why this is happening??? Things that make you go hummm? Now you tell me this child has never had any health problems or seizures
What is in the vaccine that could make you have neurological problems maybe the preservative thermisol(mercury) and I wonder what else.
Overall I have had several signs after reading these post and will only get the flu shot if it is preservative free which I can not find for my daughters age group her pediatric doctor has it for 3 years and under and Walgreens only has it for adults so what do you do I will continue to pray for this 11year old boy and hope this Swine flu will leave as fast as it came. Good luck to everyone one.
Received the h1n1 shot on Thursday Oct. 29th, two days later I am coughing, throat feels scratchy,very lethargic, and chilling at night, symptoms seem worse at night also, I don't know if this is side effect from vaccine or I had been exposed to some virus previously? My children got the nasal mist same day, I also had tonsillectomy 2 weeks previously,and I'm sure my immune system was low,anyone else feeling this way after receiving vaccine?
I had the vaccine last monday as I am frontline health worker. I had mild symptoms, hives, headache etc. But a week down the line I feel incredibly depressed and suicidal. Has anyone else had this?
I'm a 32 year old woman I had the vaccine last wed. along with my 14 month old, my 4 yr old and my husband. The baby came through like a trooper with just a mild fever for aboout 36 hrs normal for any vaccine. My husband and I both suffered the soreness in our arms for about 2 days. Our 4 on the other hand came down with a fever on Fri night that spiked to 103.5 and that spurred a trip to emerge for reassurance that this was only a side effect of the vaccine. The fever lasted until Sunday. Every kid is different in how they react but it's better to have the shot and be aware of what the effects could be than take a chance on the actual virus where you don't know what the outcome may be.
My 12 yr old son got the Swinemist and next day woke up with dizziness and following day has fever and very lightheaded. Is this a reaction to the vaccine? I wish I had done more research before he got it.

I got the shot today and i feel completely STONED. i'm 16, and everything's spinning, i feel so lightheaded and out of it right now. i cant focus on my school work, and getting really emotional. i have a fever, and my arm HURTS BAD!! i don't suggest getting this shot it doesn't seem worth it to me id rather be sick then this its been going on ALL day. i didn't even feel safe to drive today
not sure which manufacturer's vaccine I got, but have suffered insomnia since getting it 5 days ago

I had the H1N1 vaccine and the regular flu vaccine today. One in each arm. I felt dizzy and light headed right after and then my hands went a little numb and then extremely numb and then they went into spasm and crippled up. I had no pain. It felt as though they were vibrating. It was really weird and then it slowly left and I had full use of my fingers again. Doctor said I had some kind of reaction and not to worry. I'm a little worried and now not sure if I should give this to my kids.
Got shot yesterday. Arm stiffened almost immediately. Later that evening I was foggy and slightly confused and had a bout of diarhea. Today I am extremely tired, my arm is so stiff and sore I can barely lift it (although anti inflams help), my whole body aches, I have a headache and I'm slightly feverish. This is the first flu shot I've ever had, and I do feel like crap, but it's manageable. Work was difficult though, had to leave early. These side effects are not in my head, btw.
i got the shot a week ago nothing happened until 4 hours later i was dizzy and nauseous i was like that on and off for the next 2 days . now for the last 3 days i have been gettin chills like crazy!! but i had nothing major at all. i think its better than dealing with the actual swine flu. im 17 years old, female in texas.
my 5 year old was vaccinated on the 29 of October. And since then shes been sick. at first it was only like a caugh and a stuffy nouse, now she had fever last night of 100, very congested chest and stuffy nouse.
i got the shot,and so far,i have:headache,malaise,muscle pains,nausea,and vomiting. party time..woot wooooooooooot!!!!
(total sarcasm there)
got the vaccine and i experienced headaches Malaise fever and mussel pains so i got the vaccine to protect myself, but i probably wouldn't have ended up with swine flu anyways, last time i get a vaccine
My sister is 24 years old and diabetic so she is in the high risk group and got the H1N1 vaccine as well as the seasonal flu vaccine, 6 days after recieving the vaccines she started getting stomache pains and diarrhea, which turned into bloody diarrhea and then completely bloody. We are not 100% sure yet, but she has seen two gastrontogists and it seems like she had developed Crohns Disease, an auto immune disorder. I don't believe that this is a coincidence.
I believe I had side effects from the swine vac but would rather have the side effects than to have the swine flu in general. I have had asthma since a child. Asthmatic have a 50% survival rate if not less in surviving the swine flu. The symptoms I had were body aches, fatigue, low grade fever and intestinal gas/pain and headaches. A few days of extra strength tylenol and a few cups of white tea did the trick. If you are vomiting or having diarrhea, drink chamomile tea and white tea as chamomile helps heal vomiting and diarrhea and white tea acts as a anti-viral. Take the tylenol to help with the fever and body aches until the tea ---------------------------------------------------------------------
I was at the doctors office yesterday for an unrelated issue, and found out that they had just got a shipment in of the shot (san diego area).. I opted for it as my 8 year old was sick from a flu about 2 weeks before.. The DOCTOR AND NURSE assured me that there was NO side affects to this shot, only they said if you were somehow allergic to eggs or something...(which i know I am not).. so I bit the bullet and took the shot.. (do not know which version it was).. this morning I felt like I got hit by a bus, my vision was severely hampered at times (very blurry), and it my lower back, legs and abdomen feel like I ran a damn marathon or something they are very very sore.... I vomited a couple of times, my nose has started running, (no fever yet) but I have had headaches on and off all day.. I have NEVER had a flu shot before this and I am 38 years old.. and I can't even remember having the flu in the past.. I am really wondering if I made the right decision here..
i had the swine flu for 3 weeks and when I was finally well enough to get the two vaccines today I went. I have cronic liver diesese so it was important to get . The thin is I have been so sick since I had it done. I had a serious sore arm that iched like crazy and then I got severe cramp the turned into violent projectile vomiting. i called the health # but they have yet to call me back. Even at this minute I am fighting vomiting but It would only be dry heaves and they scare me epsecially because Ilive alone. I someone has any ideas help me please cause i am scared!!!!

Im 3 months pregnant and i got the swine flu shot two days ago. The side effects i have had so far are: severe headache, nausea (not from pregnancy), bruising, swelling and pain at the injection area. One thing they dont mention is that once you are injected the fluid burns enough to make you cringe. Other than that, i dont ------------------------------------------------
This is Satuday, I had my shot Thursday mid day. I had the regular flu shot over a month ago. Yesterday afternoon I started getting really really tired. And also yesterday my arm started to act up but I assumed it was the pinched nerve in my neck yet again. But today, wow, I am so depleted of any energy. But...saying that to say this. Last year myself, my daughter, and her four young children were down with the flu for 10 days all at the same time. Yep, I'll take the shot and an extra nap thank you....
am a nurse and i got the vaccine yesterday and now am typing with one arm cuz my left arm is killing me!!!!!

I got the h1n1 flu shot on thursday, and sunday morning I woke up to tingling numb fingers. I am freeked out has anyone else heard of this or had this happen to them. If so how long did it last?

4/2/08 Larry King Autism w/ Jenny McCarthy. Vaccines comments -feeling weak w/ headaches

i took the vacine 2 days ago, i aswell have headaches, i feel weaker, i feel burns within my arm.... at least 3/4 of my school took it, and yesterday at least 1/4 were not at school. i did go to school but i had headaches the whole time and i couldnt concentrate. i bleive theres something bad about this vacine. they kinda force people to take it but people who have certain diseases cant take the vacine. I have a very bad feeling about the vacine.

cloudvll3 (1 day ago)

i took the vaccine yesterday. in finland the vaccine is made by glaxosmithkline. i knew the risks when i took it, but well now when i have it, i'm more worried about my health than i was before taking the vaccine. and i'm not feeling well, i've had fever, headache and i feel myself really weak, it's cause of the vaccine.. don't take this poison vaccine. i regret it already.

mezurashii1 (1 day ago)

Rare disease after seasonal flu shot

how troubled she was when her son was vaccinated anyway

KANAWHA COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- For many parents making the decision whether or not to get their kids the swine flu vaccine has been a major one.

So when one mom decided against the swine flu vaccine, you can imagine how troubled she was when her son was vaccinated anyway.

After having concerns about the vaccine, she did her homework and at the end of the day, the best decision for her was not to have her son Dylan vaccinated.

So when Dylan came home the other night and had some sniffles- his grandmother asked him if his allergies were bothering him.

Dylan said no, but that he had received a nasal spray that day at school. His family figured out it was the vaccine he was given, even though his mom signed the box on the consent form that said she wasn’t interested.

She did though fill out the entire form, in the event the vaccine became mandatory. That created some confusion for the nurses.

Bottom line though, she did not give the folks at the school vaccination clinic her permission.

“They just need to be more cautious, I know it was a mistake I know it wasn’t intentional, they weren’t trying to force it on people, but they need to read the form. If you fill out a form they need to look and see what you put on there,” said Pam Jacobs, Dylan’s Grandmother.

The Kanawha-Charleston Health Department says they have talked to Dylan’s family and say there was an error made.

Canada - Batch of vaccine causing higher rates of severe allergic reactions.

WINNIPEG - Health officials across Canada are being asked to hold back a batch of swine flu vaccine that appears to be causing higher rates of severe allergic reactions.

The vaccine's manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline, is asking governments to stop using vaccine doses from one particular lot shipment issued in late October.

The company says it's a cautionary move, pending an investigation.

Manitoba health officials say they have noticed severe allergic reactions from the batch in question at a rate of one in 20-thousand.

That's much higher than the normal rate of one in 100-thousand.

The Alberta government is also holding back the same batch of vaccine, although it says it has not seen a jump in allergic reactions.

Manitoba's chief medical officer, Doctor Joel Kettner, says he wants to assure people that the risk of any adverse effects from the vaccine is very low.

Health officials say the batch being investigated is fairly small, so it should not have an impact on the overall supply.

FDA panel votes against new bug-based flu vaccine

Some panel members were concerned about some side-effects seen in people who volunteered to test it, such as a woman who had Bell's palsy, a temporary paralysis of the face, that flared up an hour after she was vaccinated.

"I don't feel the safety database is large enough," said Pamela McInnes of the National Institutes of Health. She said the vaccine is a new formulation and so the burden of proof is higher than simply changing the influenza strain from one season to another.

"I feel the safety data do not raise significant red flags," disagreed Dr. Jack Stapleton of the University of Iowa.

"What we are dealing with, rock bottom, is a pretty mediocre vaccine,' said Dr. Theodore Eickhoff, a professor emeritus at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and a panel member.

The vaccine is made using cells from a caterpillar and would be the first influenza vaccine made using cell cultures approved in the United States.

Prevnar Vaccine Use Halted After Baby Deaths

Vaccine responsible for still-birth now perhaps?

Heartbreaking Vaccine Reaction - FluMist reaction

Latest H1N1 flu Vaccine side effects reported to Vears

Healthy Man video blogs his reactions to H1N1 vaccine

Flu Shot Made From Caterpillars May Win U.S. Vote

Armyworn Cells

Protein Sciences extracts genes from the dead flu virus and inserts it in a virus that feeds on a tropical caterpillar known as an armyworm. The virus is then exposed to ovary cells harvested from a single caterpillar and reproduced in large quantities. Ovary cells are used because they remain stable as they are cultured in a laboratory.

The caterpillar virus feeds on the ovary cells in vessels similar to those used to ferment beer, and there isn’t the variability of trying to grow a live flu virus that isn’t well adapted for chicken eggs, he said. The consistency of the caterpillar virus growth cuts down on the manufacturing time.

The end result is a vaccine made of protein and salt water, Adams said. Because the vaccine is pure, preservatives such as thimerosal aren’t necessary.