Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Most Americans do not want A/H1N1 vaccine shot: poll

A majority of Americans said that they do not want to take A/H1N1 vaccine shot despite the U.S. government's encouragement, according to a poll released on Wednesday.

The survey by CNN and Opinion Research indicated that 55 percent of Americans polled said they don't want to get the new flu vaccine, while 20 percent said they want to, but have not taken any steps to do so.

Another 14 percent said that they want a shot and also have tried to get it but did not succeed, and only 7 percent have taken the shots.

The major reason why most Americans refuse the flu vaccine, as CNN polling director Keating Holland said, is "the perception that the vaccine has dangerous side effects."

On the reason why some people did not successfully get shots, Holland said that 5 percent of all polled adults were turned down since they are not in a high-risk group who have priority to take the vaccine, such as pregnant women. Another three percent said they found a facility that ran out of vaccine before they got there.

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