Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Small town has 10 or more adverse reactions to H1N1 vaccine

Author: LS - Canadian

In response to Canadian Doctor -I agree that too many myths are circulated vs facts, which is why I elected to get the shot.
But, you may wish to do a recount on the 10 cases of acute reactions in Canada. I for one, and at least two others in this very small town have had adverse reactions. I myself am still feeling the effects some 10 days after having my shot. Including a trip to the ER for an infection which seemed to have developed. The problem in this area seems to be, no one is interested in taking the report of any reactions.
Not the Hospital, Pharmacy, the Health Unit (that gave the shot).
I am not saying the shot is unsafe for everyone, but, I feel that a person in the high-risk category even with asthma well under control, should be warned.

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