Monday, November 9, 2009

One of the vaccine injured speaks out against news article

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i am one of the students that was rushed to the er due to the H1N1 vaccine! for all of you who say it was a "pitty reaction" or a "sympathy reaction", you dont know what happened to us. you were not there with us during the whole thing! i had short breathe, headache, vomiting, and they had to give me the epinephrine shot! my doc in the er said i had a bad allergic reaction. so whoever wrote the article in the newspaper, and whoever said the stuff on the news is worng!!! this really frustrates me and my family because all the news and the paper is doing are telling lies! its all bs! us students here at caledonia high school know what really happened!!!

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Two students complained of shortness of breath shortly after receiving the vaccine while the others may have experienced what Mississippi State Department of Health District 6 Health Officer Dr. Rebecca “Tree” James referred to as “sympathy reactions” or discomfort with no evidence of an allergic reaction.


  1. Miscarriage reports from pregnant women who have taken the H1N1 swine flu vaccine are starting to pour in from all over the nation.

  2. BTW, you may want to watch this film:

    In Lies We Trust: produced by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz