Tuesday, November 10, 2009

On a personal note....

I know one family who took this vaccine, at least one who is openly talking about it...

Just one family.

She was one of those moms who were panicking at the thought of the swine flu. Her family doctor did not think she was in a high risk category (and/or wanted to save her and her family the grief of this vaccine) and denied her access to the vaccine clinics. She raged and ranted about this for quite a long time over our quick lunch. As we were talking, she determined that she would go to the free clinics and tell them she was pregnant so that her and her children could be immunized. My mouth agape, I inform her as best as I can without seeming to be a "anti-vaccine" nut-job that there are extreme risks with this vaccine... etc etc.

All of them got vaccinated, her and her husband and their two daughters - I'm not sure how and I don't really want to ask.

All of them contracted the H1N1 flu just 7 days later. I try to tell her on the phone that it was a reaction to the vaccine and she tells me that the nurse line says that it isn't possible. Her young daughter had 105 degree temp and extreme fatigue to the point of unresponsive..... "coma like" was the term used.

The one family I know in my real life.... has a reaction to this vaccine.


Or should be expected??

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