Wednesday, November 4, 2009

N1H1 vaccine, is this normal?

N1H1 vaccine, is this normal?
I just got the N1H1 vaccine. Im 14 years old and the doctor sai it would be a good thing to get. I got it this morning at 9 and its been 10 hours and my shoulder...the shoulder that i got the shot in, hurts like, i cannot move it past a certain point and it feels like my shoulder muscle gets cramped and i cant move it past that. Is this normal...and i was wondering about anything else that could happen

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H1N1 ** sorrry


  1. hey,

    my mom just got the vaccine and her whole arm is numb. i hope it's normal. i heard someone got paralized after the shot. :(


  2. We normally see this only in a movie, and its now reality you should never got the vaccine. Did you know it was tested only 75% in rats.

    This is a sick world

  3. Sorry forgot to mention, in Portugal there has been 3 pregnant woman that just recently lost the child because of this vaccine.

  4. My father in- law got the H1n1 and her went numb
    all over . (cdip) now he has to get a Iv two weeks out of a
    month 5 hours a time for 5 days. This is messed up.
    Has anyone had something like this happen.