Saturday, November 7, 2009

H1N1 Mist Reaction

I had the H1N1 spray vaccination last tuesday. I felt good the rest of that day. The rest of the week got a little worse. A bad cough and a throbbing headache gradually took over, but everyone can react to the vaccine differently. Hopefully you’ll have a better reaction.

- Bob Thompson
Posted 11/06/09 04:47 PM


  1. Did anyone get a weird aftertaste after having mist form of H1N1 vaccine. I recently had it, and the taste will not go away, even with ingestion of sweet, sour, and salty food items.

  2. I have a reaction for a week so far. my feet and hands swelled up and ache. now around my eyes are swelling up and my lips are too. I have a ton of hives everywhere, mostly on legs, stomach, and arms. but the worst is on hands and face and feet, because it hurts to pick up my son, or walk on my feet.