Monday, November 9, 2009

Coincidence?? Man dies 3 days after vaccination

Ministry: Swine flu shot not linked to death of elderly man
By Dan Even

A 75-year-old dialysis patient from Bat Yam died over the weekend, three days after he was innoculated against swine flu. Health Ministry officials said his death did not appear to have any connection with the vaccine.

"An initial investigation indicates that this was a coincidence," the Health Ministry said in a statement.

Although some have expressed concern about possible side effects, there have been no deaths shown to be linked to the vaccine. The Health Ministry noted that the World Health Organization has recommended the swine flu vaccine and said it meets all the criteria for safety and efficacy.

A recent article in the Lancet medical journal found that one in every 1.6 million people who receive the vaccine can be expected to die within six weeks of being innoculated, for reasons unconnected to the vaccine.

The Bat Yam man, who had kidney and heart disease and had been undergoing dialysis treatment at Wolfson Medical Center in Holon, was vaccinated Tuesday in accordance with Health Ministry guidelines recommending that the vaccine be given to dialysis patients of all ages and to chronically ill patients between ages 3 and 65.

He died Friday, possibly of a heart attack.

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