Saturday, November 7, 2009

3 year old w/ symptoms of vaccine reaction

Me and DD (3 years old) got the H1N1 vaccine on thursday. She got the injection and I got the mist. I have had no reaction at all. Yesterday, DD ran a low grade fever and was extremely lethargic. All she wanted to do all day was sleep (obviously not normal for a 3 year old!), she wouldn't eat anything, and was really out of it. I was concerned that she had contracted actual H1N1 prior to the vaccine since 4 kids in the building at her preschool have confirmed cases. Her fever never went over 100 and is gone today, so def not H1N1. Since she got the injection, there is no chance she could have contracted a mild case from it.

Has anyone else had a reaction?? She did receive the adult dosage of the vaccine since she is over 3, which did concern me. She just turned 3 and is only 27 pounds, so I winder if it was too much for her body. I am dreading the booster at this point.

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