Sunday, November 1, 2009

11/1/2009 - Another UNREPORTED H1N1 vaccine death!

I am a mother of 4 wonderful children, one of whom is an 8 year old boy. To say that they are the loves of my life is a pure understatement, as any mother will attest to. The worst thing that can happen to any mother is to lose a child. Does it make it worse knowing that it was due to medical intervention? I don’t know but it does seem that there is something about being harmed or killed by a medical intervention that makes it even more of a tragedy because maybe it did not have to happen.

My youngest sister has a friend that just lost her 8 year old son, as he had a fatal reaction to the Swine Flu vaccine. Not the Swine Flu itself, but to the vaccine. Due to this reaction, they ran tests and the family was informed that he had an immune system disorder that may have contributed to his death. The mother was told he may have died in the near future anyway. I don't know if that gives this poor mother any consolation to know that she may have eventually lost her child or even if this was true. To me, having a few days let alone years more with my child, seeing him enjoy his life for whatever length of time he had left, would have been better. Much better.

This swine flu vaccine; it's a hard decision for any parent/person; I just think we need to get as informed as we can, and not be pressured into doing anything we do not feel comfortable with for ourselves as well as for the people we love. Certainly every person should have the right to do whatever makes them feel most comfortable once they review the information available on both sides.

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