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Unknown Dates - Robin claims vaccine caused her Guillain Barre Syndrome

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My thoughts on this topic...

Originally Posted by thunder
Both my RE and Ob/Gyn have told me to get the H1N1 when it is available (it isn't yet where I am). They also told me to get the regular flu shot. I've never had a flu shot in my life, but I did opt to take it just in case. It ended up being two months before my IVF so I figured it couldn't hurt, but only help. However, as far as the H1N1 goes, I am not sure what I would do. There are a lot of people saying that pregnant or becoming pregnant ladies should take it. On the other hand, this is something so new and it hasn't been really tested on pregnant ladies. I am feeling like I will *not* take it, but I don't know yet. It would be interesting what others have to say.

Good luck!

I've been holding off on posting here.

I am not a medical professional. I am not allowed to have the vaccine due to my history. I just want to tell you my story, and things I learned on my journey.

I am not in anyway telling anyone what to do. Just asking that you weigh your risks, and do some research.

I contracted Guillian Barre Syndrome from a vaccine. It was an auto-immune response (not a allergic response) to the vaccine. It wasn't the flu vaccine that I had, I want to be clear on that.

Because the 1976 swine flu vaccination was positively linked to Guillain Barre Syndrome, I am NOT allowed to take this H1N1 vaccine in particular.
CDC - Emergency Preparedness - Swine Flu - Vaccine Safety

I was quadraplegic and on life support for months. I almost died. I was the picture of health before the vaccine. I was headed to Division I Track with a full ride scholardhip. I had never had an adverse reaction to a vaccination, nor had anyone in my family. No history of any reactions, no "allergies" to anything in it. I would have no reason to think anything would happen to me!

Thunder is correct, this vaccine has not been tested on pregnant women. Furthermore, the version tested did not have the adjuvants thimerasol(mercury) or squalene (oil used in anthrax vaccination that caused gulf war syndrome) in the test version. There is a lawsuit in New York alledging that the FDA has not approved this vaccine.
H1N1 Vaccine Unsafe And Unproven | You can do more research on this topic. Here is a start.
Million TIMES More Squalene In H1N1 Vax Than Caused GWI !!
Does the H1N1 vaccine contain mercury?

Also I find it disturbing that the state of washington has "temporarily" eased it limits on the amount of mercury a pregnant woman or child may receive in a vaccination. Mercury limits suspended for H1N1 (swine flu) vaccine to improve access - 9/24/2009 - Washington State Department of Health

The facts are that Baxter patented the H1N1 in August of 2007, a year before the first swine flu case appeared in Mexico City (March 2009)
Baxter has also admittedly "accidentally" released avian flu in seasonal flu remedies. Big Pharma: Baxter Files Swine Flu Vaccine Patent a Year Ahead of Outbreak

Despite this, vaccine makers and the federal gov't received immunity from damages due to this H1N1 vaccination.
It is the only portion of business that pharm companies have this immunity from damages. You get damaged, you are on your own. Swine Flu Vaccine Makers Granted Legal Immunity, Disease and Condition

I researched what I COULD do since I am not allowed to take this vaccination. I found some interesting information about Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 Deficiency and Swine/Avian Bird Flu: Is There a Relationship? There is evidence (from the CDC) that flu is actually contracted by Vitamin D deficiency. However, the CDC is not telling people this. I find this irresponsible b/c it's nearly impossible to take toxic levels of Vitamin D3, and it can only help your immunity functions. Please do your research on Vitamin D3.

I bought everyone around me a bottle of D3, and asked them to do research. I told them that I am not allowed to take this vaccine, and that they can help me by staying healthy too. Thankfully, everyone around me is on it, (and hopefully) that will help.

There is also school of thought that auto-immune reactions to vaccinations are a result of Vitamin D3 deficiency. The thought is that if your body is attacking you, it's b/c of lack of D3. So, there may be a reaction to a vaccine, but it could also be because your body lacks D3. (Food for thought).

Now to be fair, pregnant women are dieing at increased rates b/c we are immuno-compromised already when carrying a child (so we don't reject baby). Physicians Urge Pregnant Women To Get H1N1 Vaccine, Protect Themselves And Baby From Potential Deadly Threat

This virus kills by causing a cytokine storm.... your immune system over-reacts (as mine did to me with Guillain Barre) It was my own body that attacked me after the vaccine. D3 is essential to regulating your immune system so it doesn't attack you. Research Dr. Russell L. Blaylock, MD's work on Vitamin D3, and all the related D3 disorders.
Russell L. Blaylock M.D.: Take D3 NOT THE SWINE FLU VACCINE. | The Irreverent Buddhist

I don't any of this is absolutely conclusive, thus making this a tough decision.

Let me tell you one more true story about me. I called my RE to tell him I wasn't allowed to have the vaccine (I wanted the Tamiflu to keep on hand b/c it has to be administered in 48 hrs to be effective). The nurse was CLUELESS!!!!!

I tried to explain to her that b/c I have an autoimmune history to vaccination, and in particular this vaccination is strictly prohibited by my neurologist b/c it is linked to GBS (which I had) I cannot take it b/c I can get GBS again.

She said, "We are recommending that all our patients have the H1N1 vaccination, you can get it at our pharmacy". I said, again "I can't take it". She said, well I don't understand why the H1N1 is such a concern for pregnant women" I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP! I sd, "you're kidding right? because it's killing pregnant women at a higher rate because they are immunity compromised". She had ZERO understanding or comprehension on any of this.

Like I said..... it's a TOUGH decision. I just wanted you to know my story w/ vaccination. And hopefully you'll research D3!!!!

I don't know what I'd do if I hadn't really had the decision made for me already.

GL to you all!

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